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I would also like to volunteer for a interview if its still available! I sent in my application to be staff at the convention, but since COVID hit I knew it wasn't happening. Would love to give an imput!
That's so awesome! also my apologies for being a tad late, haven't been on the forum in a while!
Man, its been to long since ive been away. Anyways. Lets start this up!
Heya everybody! I finally made a disword server!! (get it disword, ehh, ehhhh???) I thought it was funny. But anyway yea! Me and KibaKara got around to make the server and here is the link boop. There we go. Heres to more for fanimecon's undertale/deltarune gathering!
ALSO! Should I make a undertale/deltarune gathering discord? We can all discuss ideas about next years fanime!
Hello all!!! I GOOOFEED!! I forgot to post the gathering photos to the forum!! The link is here next line! The photos for the gathering are all at the bottom of the page!
I know this is a almost a week late but thank you to everyone who went to the gathering this year!!!! This was our first time hosting it and we thank all of you for being there, we also thank you all for your feedback that we will use next year to make the gatherings better!!! Me and Yoshi both appreciate your support as a community and look forward to seeing this gathering grow and keeping undertale/deltarune alive!!! Also big shout out to the individual that helped us throughout the whole gathering you are the MVP!! We hope to see you all again next year!!! I might make a gathering discord for this actually.... ;D
Day 0 is tommrow, I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Also thanks to everyone who checked out the forum page!!!! This is a big deal seeing as how this is the first co gathering for me and yoshi. Thanks for the support! :D ;D
Oh this is gonna be great 8)
Fanime is almost here!! Just hang in there!
In papyrus voice: Wowie!! 200 views!! that's impressive!! Almost as impressive as me!

No but for real, thank you to everyone who looked at this gathering! Since this is our first time hosting a gathering, it means a lot that so many people took the time to look at this forum for the gathering! Thank you all!!
Really like how there is a Detriot Become Human gathering! I loved the game so I am kinda glad that there is a gathering happening this year! Good on ya! I'm co hosting the undertale/deltarune gathering if you want to check that out. I'll pop in!
Question, if you are not a seller, can you as a buyer bring your own merch not to sell but trade?
The new poll that was created is an extension of the first poll.

Poll 1
Undertale 3 votes
Deltarun 1 vote
Thank you to everyone who took interest in this gathering! It means a lot that over 100 people took the time to see this thread! Thank you all! Over 100 views! WOO! Lets try to aim for 200 views!
Photo shoot looks pretty gud 8)
My line up is pretty much this:

sans- undertale (Friday)
Professor Layton- Phoenix wright vs Professor Layton (Saterday)

Sunday and Monday are up in the air ???
Heyo! I'm gonna be the co-host at the Undertale/Deltarune gathering along with kiba! Just a little update! :D