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Hotel and Facilities / Average Cost?
August 01, 2016, 02:07:48 AM
First time with trying to get a hotel room for Fanime 2017... Being a worrysome college student, I just wanted to know how badly I'd be put in the hole if I'm trying to get one hotel room for myself and a friend, just the two of us. I've read constant threads about how it's bad to use a debit card to pay (so of course I don't have a credit card), and searching ahead of time to next year warrants over $400 a night for an entire stay (May 25th-29th), so from your experience, how much did your hotel room cost?
I'm really surprised no one jumped on the wagon for an Osomatsu-san gathering. Any news around the area if one will come to life?
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki OST - Okaasan no Uta
Spirited Away -- Itsu Mo Nando demo (If it's not already in the catalog)

(Can these be added for next year?)
Homestuck! / Homestuck's Acceptance
January 04, 2014, 01:48:06 PM
Just out of curiosity, did anyone have any problems with any other con-goers at Fanime 2013, or earlier, as a Homestuck character?
It was my first year dressing up, I went as Sollux and Kankri, and I noticed that people weren't as open to conversing with me in such an outfit unless it was a fellow Homestuck cosplayer. What about you?
Also, were you as disappointed as I was for not being able to get into Gamzee's Game Cafe? I hope a big Homestuck panel next year can handle more of a group.
If I may say, as a Homestuck cosplayer and fan, I'm ashamed to hear that the fandom is frowned upon. It's understandable that people have had bad experiences with individuals, but that doesn't make everyone bad. And don't worry, as I was dressed up in a Homestuck costume, even my fellow Homestuckers gave me dirty looks, as it was my first year of being decked out in grey, and my costume wasn't as clean as theirs (At least my grey didn't get on anything, which I am damn well proud of.)
Cosplaying for the series is a bit difficult, though. The Model Magic Horns I made took two weeks, mixing the Ben Nye together took a week and a half, I'm learning to sew and style wigs for the rest of my costume, and it's not a complete costume without knowing the mentality of the character. I've put months of effort into who my character is, and it's sad to see that people can't accept that. That if you're dressed up as a certain character, you must be a bad person. You can't judge a book by its cover, that's really all there is to say.
Sollux Captor it is, with a lovely Eridan by my side. Hehe.
Out of fear and curiousity, I noted that the time limit for preliminaries is 2 minutes. Was I simply thinking it was 2:30, and if not, is there a reason for a short time? Also, if a song is released as a single, I hope leaving the album blank is acceptable. Thank You.
Hope it's up and available in the morning, since slumber beckons. XD

Good Night all, and good luck.  :D
I competed last year and ended up as a runner-up. I'm singing "Matryoshka" and "Kyomu Densen", and hopefully getting a better place! Good luck to all of you!
I can go as either Sollux, Jane, or Kankri. Whichever works best for you! ouo I hope this doesn't accidentally coincide with another day, however. My whole schedule is based on these panels. XD
I think interest is definitely sparking at this point. My Sollux costume is almost done, for the exception of the wig (Which I'll be ordering today), the glasses (which my Eridan is making) and the horns, which I'll most likely make myself.

My Eridan, however, is having a bit of trouble gathering her outfit. Say the time comes around that she doesn't have an article of her costume, say the cape or wig, would that make a difference in the audition? Also, she doesn't have a camera. Can I help her by sending you a letter of recommendation and take some pictures when the time comes along? ouo

Thank You
Oh, and just as an added note because I can not resist, please, please, PLEASE, tell me someone will let us all gather around for a Harlem Shake video. Please.

Scratch that. Read the rules. Nevermind. Sorry.
Either Sollux, Jane, or Kankri. Depends if Gamzee's Game Cafe is that day. If so, then Sollux, if not, then Jane or Kanny.
I would do this. I would.
Hello there! I plan on cosplaying as Sollux in Fanime 2013. I've mastered his lisp and voice to the best of my ability, but my problem is the costume. Do you lovely cosplayers had any advice for making horns, buying shirts, or anything at all? My friends also plan on going as Homestuck characters, such as Eridan and Jane Crocker. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!
Gaming / Re: 3DS StreetPass Totals from Fanime Con
October 24, 2012, 07:30:17 AM
Wow! I attended Fanime last year, but a 3DS was far from reach. I now have one, and plan on attending a full weekend like last year, and my god, I'd love getting so many Miis~!

So far I have a lousy 11 in my Plaza, and 14 connected. (One of my friends connects with me everyday.) My regions are California and British Colombia (Went to SF).

I can't wait for it, we'll get so many more, and perhaps even pass each other! Did you just stay in the Gaming Corner, or did you wander around the whole area for Streetpass?
*sigh* Let's hope Standby gets a chance. I doubt five, if not six people won't show. Ah well. o3o
Well, quarter past one and still nothing...
Well, that's good. So I just have to wait for a few more hours, I suppose.  :D