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Hotel and Facilities / Average Cost?
August 01, 2016, 02:07:48 AM
First time with trying to get a hotel room for Fanime 2017... Being a worrysome college student, I just wanted to know how badly I'd be put in the hole if I'm trying to get one hotel room for myself and a friend, just the two of us. I've read constant threads about how it's bad to use a debit card to pay (so of course I don't have a credit card), and searching ahead of time to next year warrants over $400 a night for an entire stay (May 25th-29th), so from your experience, how much did your hotel room cost?
Homestuck! / Homestuck's Acceptance
January 04, 2014, 01:48:06 PM
Just out of curiosity, did anyone have any problems with any other con-goers at Fanime 2013, or earlier, as a Homestuck character?
It was my first year dressing up, I went as Sollux and Kankri, and I noticed that people weren't as open to conversing with me in such an outfit unless it was a fellow Homestuck cosplayer. What about you?
Also, were you as disappointed as I was for not being able to get into Gamzee's Game Cafe? I hope a big Homestuck panel next year can handle more of a group.
I can't wait any longer. That's the only way I'll be allowed to go to Fanime, so... Looking forward to it...
I happened to miss the Pre-Registration block, but I'm worried that if I go there after school (around 3 o'clock) that the size of Fanime might make the staff push people away. (First year, here, very clueless)

Can someone clarify what happens?
I'm interested in joining in this year's competition, but I have no idea where to find the list of song choices, or know if they have been released yet. Help me out?   :-[