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Hey guys, I'm thinking about putting together a Moira Brown costume for Fanime.  Anyone else doing or thinking of doing Fallout 3 cosplay?
So, with the complete Voltron series out on DVD, and the first set of Beast King GoLion (Japanese version) DVDs out, and rumors of a live-action Voltron movie scheduled for 2010, it seems like 2009 might be the year to get some Voltron/GoLion cosplay together.  I'm thinking about doing flight-suit Allura.  Anyone else thinking about doing something from this series, or am I the only one old enough to even remember it?  :P
I'm started work on a Titania from Path of Radiance costume, and I was wondering if anyone else was working on Fire Emblem costumes for Fanime. 

Titania's a little crazy (wig styling, lots of armor, etc), so it might have to be held off until Comic Con, especially if no one's going to know who I am.
Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / WonderCon
February 20, 2008, 12:43:41 PM
I know there's been some mention of it in other threads but it doesn't seem to have one of its own...who's going to WonderCon this weekend?  I'm planning on heading up on Saturday but it may be on my own, as I have a strong suspicion that the friend who's supposed to go with me is going to back out last minute.
Hey guys,

I hear about the swap meet all the time, but I don't actually know anything about it and couldn't find it last year - what day is it?  Are there a limited amount of spots?  How does it work - do you bring things to swap, and once you've swapped your stuff for other stuff you're done?  Or is it more like a flea market, where people have things out for display and you pay money?

Hey guys -

This will be my first Fanime - my first anime con ever, in fact - and I've been trolling about here and over at, and it seems like there's a whole bunch of fun stuff that goes on that's not official, so if anyone has any tips for me to be able to get into the thick of it, please share!

Does one have to be in costume for a lot of it?  I only have one costume planned but have more (non-anime related) that can be pulled out if necessary.

Also, I'm new to the Bay Area in general, and wouldn't mind making some new friends!  I'm 24, so if you're over 21 and would like to hang out at the con, please drop me a line. :)