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There are a LOT this year. Not just Fanime's musicfest, but also:

Wonder Girls&guest2PM@SF '10
Miyavi @ SF '10
D'espairsRay @ SF '10
VAMPS @ SF '10
Dir En Grey @ SF 9/9/10
SMTown '10 in LA
Reflecting on this year's MusicFest...

We had FLOW and LM.C here for Fanime '10. :]

MusicFest did a super great job getting these artists, because they are super popular...and we would have never thought that they would come to San Jose xD Thank you Fanime and MusicFest! :D

Suggestions for '11 or later:
Considering that they will have to be Japanese(I would have loved to have K-pop though) and most likely have to be related to's my list:

2.abingdon boys school
3.Aya Hirano(if Fanime can get her, my friend will finally come to Fanime for once)
6.mihimaru GT
7.The GazettE
9.Anyone from Johnny's Ent. or Hello! Project

Mod Edit: Moved to 2011
I missed out on buying a staff t-shirt for 2008 T__________T

I'm sure ther are a bunch left over, so could I order one now (after con?)??? >____< I really liked the shirt design this year!!
I really loved the new and colorful program guide for makes everything a lot more organized. There was a map in the program guide too, which was incredibly helpful! Keep up the good work!! ;D

One suggestion I have though, is about the Cosplay Gathering List. This year, and even last year, I had a lot of trouble remembering when the cosplay gatherings were going to happen, and it was an even bigger hassle to find the boards posted around the con.

I think you guys should attach the cosplay gathering list to either the schedule or the program guide so there is easier access. There are so many gatherings going on that you don't even want to miss a single one! xD
I also just recently found that the gatherings list is posted on the Fanime Cosplay forums, but this is after the con now ^^;

Just a little suggestion, hope you consider! =]
Staff & Volunteers / Minors Permission Slip Question
April 20, 2008, 06:18:03 PM
So, I'm getting all the details that those who are under 18 have to get a permission slip signed for staffing at Fanime 2008.

But where do we send it in/who do we give it to?