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Puttining another vote for Camino.  They've just recently released their new CD, The Life, which from what I've managed to hear (and see in the PV) it's AMAZING.  That's their 6th album since they last attended Fanime (not including albums they were featured on, but weren't there's.)

With now three openings for series (two for the same show, one for Koutetsu Sangokushi), I think it's about time they came back =3

Also, Run Sasaki would be a fun guest.  She actually lives here in the US now, in Washington (right near Seattle) and teaches voice acting to aspiring american VAs (such as myself).  She's crazy nice and crazy fun, and I'm sure would love to come down and spread the Japanese Seiyuu way.
Camino.  Hands down, if there's one group I think that should come back, it's Camino.

What with their recent openings of Koutetsu Sangokushi and Tomika Hero Rescue Force, I know a lot of American fans are sorely missing them.  Not to mention that since their last American appearance (that I can find - someone correct me if I'm wrong) is in 2006.  Since then, they've released 6 (and presumably going on 7/8, since Story hasn't had a Maxi Single or an OST or anything released yet) cds that their American fans haven't been able to get our hands on.

Every time I've seen them at a con, they've been exceptionally nice to fans, which is a real plus for guests (no matter how popular you are, if you're a jerk, you're a jerk.  They aren't).

That's my two cents.
I didn't actually get a still picture of the hot Pikachu, but I got video.
If anyone snapped pictures of Dawn in a wheelchair, I'd love to see them.  Those are.. I think all of the different Pokemon I saw in that tape there.  I tapped a LOT, but most of it was useless.  If someone remembers being video taped by me and doesn't see themselves in this tape, please let me know and I'll look for you. =D
Hey all.
Er, next year I'll proubably wear my Kyuubi again.  ^^ Though, this time I'll try to make the mask so I can.. y'know.. breathe and NOT die.. o.o;

I'm also planning on making a Sakura costume or two.  Time jump and rocker (from the art book where Sakura's on guitar, Sasuke's on bass, Kakashi drums and Naruto vocals), though I may or may not bring Rokura. (What I've dubbed Rocker Sakura ^^)

Anyways, I can't wait.  ^^
Quote from: "Moogleborg"

Did you cosplay this year? ^^ Ya look really're really kawaii BTW! ^_^
^_^ Heh heh, thank you.
Yes, I cosplayed a lot this year:
Friday: Schuldig (Weiss Kreuz)
Saturday: Nana-pink dress version (Nana)
Sunday: Kyuubi-fur version (Naruto), Meg (Bakuretsu Tenshi)
Monday: Aerith (Advent Children version), MisaMisa (Deathnote)
Er, this is me.  ^^

This is my cosplay account, I look really different in some of these. ^^  Go colored contacts and wigs!
General Convention Discussion / Re: hmm
June 08, 2006, 05:59:41 PM
Quote from: "Drunken_Master"I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned the Kyuubi on Leash x Itachi makeout photo session that happened during the naruto gathering on sunday. :p
Thank YOU for mentioning it!  ^_^
She owed me *nodnod* I made her a Byakuya wig DAYS before the con (honestly, I finished it at the con, but that was to show her how.  ^^)

Okay, the craziest thing that happened to me was actually on Monday as the con was winding down: I was dressed as Misa after changing out of Aerith (that's a big change o.o; )
And, someone saw it the crazy!!  ^^
Quote from: "uzutake"L blowing bubbles with Misa. Now that was weird. Death Note fans should understand. xDDD And so ironic, L started eating bunches of Mochi!! :3 Then L and Misa has a reunion with like 3 other L' of them being Zombie L. If you're here Zombie L, I was the girl with the glasses with my 2 other sisters that kept hugging you and like...everybody else. Including all the L's! >w<
Dude, I know people have pictures of this.. *needs them*
That was my crazy story..
And as an addition, L and I were chained togeather *nodnod* Screw Yagami.  XPP She was a jerk and went home (okay, she had family obligations, whatever.. ^^)

w00t!  ^_^