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If you were shown a duplicate entry on the invoice page (before PayPal), that bug should be fixed now. Just refresh the checkout page, and it should be corrected.

On the chance you proceeded to PayPal anyway, and PayPal also showed a duplicate entry, email and let us know, and I can regenerate an invoice ID number for PayPal to fix it.

Sorry for the trouble!  :-\
I've uploaded many fixes to that should fix several of the problems people may have had.

In particular, if you tried to enter a Zip/Postal Code that was not in the American style "12345" or "12345-6789" formats and got a crash page, you should be able to submit the form now.

Also, if you were one of the handful of people that tried to create a new account around 3:30AM-4:30AM this morning (2010-11-06), the major crash bug you got has been fixed as well. I accidentally uploaded the wrong version to the server. :(

Sorry for the trouble!