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Omg so cute for a gathering idea!
I love harvest moon
Riot Girl Tristana from League of Legends(I had a HUGE Cannon Gun lmao
Later in the day I was in a group of 8 Castle Crashers!

Would also love just League of Legends Gathering photos in general!
Quote from: ShockbladeZed on May 25, 2014, 11:21:39 PM
I wish I could, but I have to stay in the hospital :[, have fun though!

D: oh no
I hope things are ok <3
So amazing! Saturday was a blast. Everyone that showed up you guys are amazing<3
Best con I ever was apart of. This was my first year cosplaying and I was the Riot Girl Tristana, that cannon was the first prop I ever made :D

I did get a few cards from photographers so I'll post their links in a bit for all you to find yourselves :)
My friend is going as Kitty Cat Katarina so hoping she'll show up to the gathering :D
I'm going to be doing this cosplay and was just curious how I go about getting it peace-bonded/where.
I'm still in the processes of making it but as it is now it's almost 4 feet in length
This all sounds really fun I know my friends would go to these kinds of hangouts and we always apply the house rule of byoa
not sure about going out to a bar but I'll keep checking this thread out for more details closer to con :)
I'm so excited.
its my 3rd year but first time having cosplays for the whole con
I'm still working on props and sewing madness but I cant wait!
Omg this makes me really happy.
Would it be ok to store bigger props and such? One of my cosplays has a big prop and I know it'd be a hassle simply walking around with it so it'd be nice to just leave it somewhere safe when I want to relax/don't want to be all sorts of in the wall in the dealers hall haha
I'm gonna be Riot Girl Tristana :D
And my sister is going to be Forecast Janna
I'm going to be Nurse Joy :3 its my walking around attire for the con
I got SO sad when I finally looked at Gathering times, the Pokemon gathering is right after The League of Legends gathering and I'm doing a LoL cosplay as well x.x
I HOPE I can do a quick change and be apart of the gathering but right now I don't know if I'll be able to.
But I'm sure I'll still see you lovely people around the con when I'm Joy <3