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I'm planning to cosplay Beatrice from Umineko and I have one BIG Problem... The gold lines...

I would prefer using ribbon but it would be very expensive and not the right color.

I have heard of painting it and i know i can mimic the pattern with freezer paper but I'm worried this will stiffen the fabric too much

So has anyone put gold lines on their cosplay and if so How?

I know some sakura cosplayers did a beautiful job creating their gold lines... i really want to know what you used..

Thanks for any help
Ok so I was getting asked "when is the next ultimate game night?" ... since the day after the last UGN.
So Here goes....


well if you're thinking it's about video games You are WRONG!
UGN is about Board games/card games!
It's about interacting with the people around you!
Being social and Having the best laughs!
Last year's UGN was the very first and hugely successful attempt at this.
Jerry was so sweet to open up his home to all these wacky people
is sweet enough to have again offered to open up his home.

So here's how it works:
Bring your board games/card games

(make sure they are well marked as yours)
Bring a friend
Bring food!(finger food preferred)

the last one lasted almost all night so bring a sleepover bag if you want to!
But remember


I'm sure there are lots of fantastic memories people have of last year so don't be afraid to share them here as well. I still want to plan when we'll have this so I'm thinking in august like we did before.

Haha the games i had the most fun playing were:
The circle game
Mafia (me messing up was probably the most fun)
Battle of the sexes
Fanimafia Guess who

I'm really looking foward to this year's UGN! I hope you are too
Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Catz are awesome!!
February 17, 2009, 10:03:53 PM
you may know thay i have a kitten named romeo.

Romeo almost bit the dust this past year after he swallowed a beading needle.

well Romeo is fine and he's definitly a special cat.

Lately romeo likes to fill his days with harassing my cat petal.

Playing fetch with his favorite stuffed bunny.

Making tunnels out of bed sheets

Unfolding laundry

and stealing stuffed animals from my bed room. ><

but lately romeo has been naughty....

I just discovered he also likes to steal undergarments....

but... he does know how to put a smile on a person's face.


Here's to Romeo the cute kitty who is far too curious for his own good...
Tis The Season!

Lets bring on the HOLIDAYS and have a BASH!
On December 20th I'm going to open my house up for a fanime christmas party!!! WHOOT!!
Where? Well my home in San Ramon
9420 alcosta blvd
San Ramon, ca 94583
Time? well you can come over as soon as 5pm if you like hanging with me
Who can come? ANYONE XD

We'll have a White elephant gift exchange so Bring a gift that's $5 or less.  Target has some great ideas!!

You're also welcome to bring gifts for people as well.

I'm going to have some goofy games to play and Possibly an ornament making booth to take home a memory.

and if anyone wants to play Santa  let me know.... (no pervs please)

The Guest List
otakuapprentice (boy is too cool not to come)
Barnes (a maybe)
Things in the Universe / pets and what they do to us...
November 12, 2008, 06:51:55 PM
SO.... we almost had to put down our new kitten Romeo.

I had been working on a beading project and when i wasn't looking... he swallowed it. 3 in needle and all.
I was instantly in a guilty panic I rushed to grab and try to stop him from swallowing the needle but it was already down his throat. we immediatly drove him to the vet to get some emergency help but after taking the x-ray we already knew we couldn't afford to get the surgery. My dad and i left with me sobbing my eyes out because i didn't want to lose this cat. He's the sweetest kitten too perfect even (as noted by his infatuation with needles ><).

well my mom had stayed and i guess she couldn't bring herself to put him to sleep so they worked out to have her pay a foundation $100 a month and meanwhile they'll look after romeo until he's better so that's really good news. I'm glad the kitten isn't going to be put to sleep but I still feel terrible about all that happened today.

so i'm curious about anyone else's pet fiascoes and if you've had to go through the same
Things in the Universe / Wamu No More
September 25, 2008, 10:28:39 PM
 so if you haven't heard the news this was just reported about a half hour ago

I know a lot of people are worried who have money in these accounts but it says account holders are fine. so i  guedd there's no more WOOHOO bank.

I'm glad i work for a stable bank
Hey guys!

It's almost here!!!

The date is November 15th at 6:30pm.
The Location will be My House in San Ramon.
ADDRESS: 9420 alcosta blvd
San Ramon, Ca 94583

*as a note there is a long stretch of road in front of the senior center (which is before my house) please try to park on the street there(i suggest not in the parking lot) as to be nice to my neighbors. I only live 4 houses down from the senior center so it's a short walk* belive me there are no houses directly on alcosta until you get up the hill and you see the senior center.*

I will set up 2 rooms to watch movies  (and hopefully a camera to record what we say) i imagine we will probably get to watch 2 movies in each room so we still need to pick what movies to provide.

Refreshments will be pot luck style I'll provide popcorn for sure XD.

there will be no drinking at my house however, it is my parents house and they don't drink at all. so... sorry for those wanting that kind of party.

anyway i hope you all can make it or at least a good bunch!

so far i have:
and several maybe's