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does the PS9 ever get released and lives up to the hype in the commercial?
you can also make new friends with chocolate! :D
Thursday is technically "DAY ZERO"

officially fanime runs May 24-27 Friday thru Monday. per the website.

though most ppl show up early on thursday for pre-reg and other activies since staff is known to set up early cuz they're awesome like that! :D

all the adventures, all the time... at least thru memorial day weekend for us fans of nerdly stuffs.
^ Dresses like Capt Jack Sparrow.
^ half excited, half worried about the crowds, spread out all over the place, and tiny hallways. Fun for us staff... tis like herding cats...

< is not tired.... yet?

> wants a sandwich....

V  interested in the next next gen gaming consoles? (xbox one [announced today], PS4, wii-U ) ?
i need to figure out which smart phone and carrier to get so i could finally be a cool kid :P

and update my facebook with pictures and adventures posts like everyone else on the internets...
let me get my ducky face ready!
sometimes tells me if I go, I'm gonna get carded :P
i know the cosplay isnt the same without balloons, but if i just fill them with regular air... maybe... just maybe :P
Quote from: Avairrianna on May 20, 2013, 12:28:53 PM

To all the Pinkie Pies cosplaying this weekend: There is a NO-BALLOON policy within the Convention center! I did not know this rule even myself and would have worn mine around. I'm sorry to say this but these are the rules so please leave the balloons outside!

To Clarify --- please No Lighter than air balloons (specifically helium filled balloons) --- if you are inside the convention center and these balloons get away from you and get stuck on the high ceilings or pop near the fire sprinklers it would have very unfortunate results!

We apologize for the inconvenience but a possible solution would be normal balloons filled with air at the end of a light plastic rod that would help give the appearance that one has a floating balloon.

Thanks for reading and understanding the convention center rules!
I'll be wandering around as Russell on Saturday, but without balloons unfortunately...

Being a rover, I have to mention that there is a " NO BALLOONS " policy inside the convention center >_<
if the balloons get away from you and get stuck on the ceiling or pop near fire sprinklers... it would be all bad and very wet and soggy for the convention center...

so please let all the pinkies out there, as much as we love parties and balloons... we cannot use helium or lighter than air filled balloons...  :-\
its pretty easy to make new friends, whether is sitting in line, or just complementing someone on their cosplay or cool swag that they have... id like to think most people are friendly at the convent.

Dont forget staff are all Fans, too.
See ya around the convention!

* Throws out a Star Trek "Red Shirt" Character! *
For you star Trek Fans out there...

Quote from: Otakuya on February 14, 2012, 10:15:26 PM
This topic is under the Happy Things section?  ???

Call them the Fanime Gardens.

Just wait till the expansion opens for 2013.

i didnt realize i put this on the wrong section... as i meant to put this thread in "Things in the universe" ...
i guess its here "ironically"?
^ I've semi jumped on this whole MLP [my little pony: friendship is magic] craze...
so im curious what the cosplays will look like...

<  has co-workers that think saliva is similar to blood ...

>  is trying to figure out if i am going to cosplay this year or not...

V  Your 2 cents on Valenties Day? [Yay, nay or humbug!]

I used to host/hold tons gatherings back in my day--- and just posting "hey lets meet up" post on the forums doesnt quite work...

You may want to plan around other local events or mini cons (Like AOD for example) or maybe your own event with themes and activities.

Start a facebook group or a group of cosplay (or non cosplay) friends  and throw out dates, holidays or movie releases and build up rep as it were.. and or give your self small goals of getting to know people on the forums or the internets and go from there. if it wasnt for Fanime/forums/face book, i wouldnt have the massive circles of friends I'd have today.

So again dont forget that AOD is coming up, make a few acquaintances and plan again for a mini group hang out.
and someday, I'm sure it will turn into something like a mini convention of friends... or you can always wait til fanime.

Photo credit to: Darth Ryu

Yeah, so the fountains we all knew and enjoyed are now huge planter plot.


my first thought, is do we now call it the "previously known as the water fountain" meet up for cosplayers?
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Convention Center Expansion
February 13, 2012, 09:09:58 AM
Quote from: azreale on January 12, 2012, 03:28:08 PM
The fountains have been replaced by ugly green plants....  The giant globe things are still there though... Doesn't work at all in my opinion! I want the fountains back... :(

yah, its been discussed for some time now...
I dont know how most fanime members will feel...
but a picture is worth 1000 words right?

I think most people first thought would be "Dislike" :(
Hello Fanime Forum Friends!
Just wanted to share~
Hope you enjoy all your weekend adventures

Free Museum Day: Lunar New Year

    Visual Arts

    Saturday, February 4, 2012 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

    San Jose Museum of Art
    110 S Market St
    San Jose, CA 95113
    (408) 271-6840



    The powerful dragon, the only mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac, is associated with honesty, bravery, innovation, and ambition. Our popular family-friendly event takes a modern approach to traditional multicultural customs.

    Welcome in the lucky Year of the Dragon and enjoy:

    Free admission all day
    Traditional Lion Dance by Rising Phoenix Lion Dance Association
    Dance performance by Sukyung Choi's Korean Dance Academy
    Cultural crafts, hands-on activities, family fun, and more!