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Did some Googling and found info on it.

The FanimeCon Outdoor Film Festival.

Apparently, they also showed Summer Wars and TokiShoujo on Saturday and Sunday night, respectively.
Organized not by Fanime but by Chris Esparza from Giant Creatives.

On Friday night at around 9, I was hanging out by the Fairmont and noticed a big stage and projection screen. I checked it out and they were showing the dubbed Oblivion Island film.

I didn't stay for long but I thought it was fantastic.

Was Fanime responsible for this 'Movie Under the Stars' thing?
Well, I was talking about news in the industry. Good Smile and Production IG have a gigantic presence this year at Expo so it's gonna be exciting to see what comes out.

As for venue, I agree that Fanime is in one of the best locations; I love that it's in Silicon Valley and all the hotels are so close to each other. In fact, when I first attended Expo a few years ago, I was shocked that the hotels were so far apart from each other compared to Fanime.

Although, one good thing about being at the LACC is that it's next to the Staples and Nokia.
The TVXQ concert just happens to be taking place on the 2nd day of Expo this year so I know many fans are ecstatic about the coincidence.
On the other hand, people absolutely hated the coincidence that was the X-Games last year lol.
Yeah, it really depends on what your interests are and how you feel about them.

I feel the exact opposite way as in I wasn't the least interested in any of the panels this year at Fanime which is not a negative thing at all since I love just relaxing at Fanime.

However, where are all the news announcements and Industry booths and panels? At Anime Expo.
And make it 21+... lol.
Yep, already got my Bluetooth earpiece all set up and ready to communicate.
Day Zero @ The Marriott

I always try out a different hotel for Day Zero and this year, it was The Marriott's turn.

- Good location
- Nice room
- Roomy bathroom
- Great staff

- The elevators scare me
- No fridge
- Business center costs money for usage and print jobs?!

Friday - Monday @ The Hilton

I will always stay at The Hilton for the main convention days.

- Good location
- Great staff
- A fridge
- Fulfilled all my requests
- Maids went out of their way to be accommodating
- Best business center for any hotel I've ever stayed at
- Great parking deal

- It seems as if the price increases every year
- Small bathroom

I forgot to mention but The Hilton never charged me a security deposit; I asked when I checked in and the female staffer told me they'd just charge my card for the 420+ for the room and the extra parking charges. ???
The Marriott charged me a $50 deposit that I got back on Sunday.
Quote from: Meatball on May 30, 2013, 11:02:12 PM
Where/How do you guys know what Con is coming up and such?

Cons in general? Usually by ear or from AnimeNewsNetwork.

My upcoming con schedule includes Anime Expo, Kintoki Con, and Japan Expo.

I would someday like to check out AM2 but they're always getting shafted.
Must be an SPJA conspiracy lol.
This year wasn't that good so getting over my PCD was very easy; I'm more dissapointed than depressed.

Besides that, I got work and have to plan for Expo.
I love the Monday morning.

Everyone always feels obligated to party until they drop on Sunday night because it's the last night so I just enjoy taking these walks through the convention on Monday morning.

It's so peaceful because everyone is either tired, hungover, depressed or trying to clean and pack in their rooms.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Sainte Claire
May 28, 2013, 11:41:22 PM
I've stayed at this hotel during 2008 and 2009 and the rooms are way too small.
The single is a tiny cubicle and the doubles have just enough space to be called cozy.

It's an outdated hotel with no garage and I would suggest the Hyatt if you want to stay somewhere close but not connected to the Con's craziness.

I'd give it a 6/10 since I enjoyed my stay in '08 but had a terrible experience in '09.
The Con was very disorganized this year and I'm not sure why; I'm sure the current construction couldn't have scrambled the way FanimeCon handled situations in the past.

I aired out all my grievances with the many Staffers I bumped into and 2/3rds of the time I got the same answer: we're trying something new.
Ok, acceptable. Nevertheless I'm never going to try and pick up my badge on Thursday or Friday ever again.
Glad all the Staffers I ran into were polite and helpful, though.
I really do not think at all it's a 'not Anime' problem.

I think the problem lies in the fact that there are so many and many just happen to be these very loud and untactful young attendees.
Also, a reason why we're accepting of cosplay such as Marvel or cosplay from video games is because they're great.

I'm not saying Homestuck cosplay isn't good, it's just uninspired.
Still got some props and an outfit to finish up.

I can already see what I'll be doing exactly a week from now on Day Zero.
Yeah, I'm curious as to the interior too.
Will the lobby be accessible, are sections blocked off, etc?
Quote from: hiro4 on April 30, 2013, 09:48:43 PM
hi all. i plan to sell all of these either b4 fanime or at fanime

Dears + guide 1-8 $30

I'll pick these up at Fanime.
Which day/time can we meet up?
Two questions about props/weapons:

If a weapon/prop is an attachment to my arm eg. Megaman's buster or Samus' blaster and I'm basically wearing it on my arm during the entire convention, would I need to have it peacebonded?

Also, what's your policy on thin 'pointy' things?
I've read that metal rods aren't allowed but what if something were made of plastic or acrylic?
And what size dimensions would be suitable ie. what is too long and too thin?
Seeing as how the new wing is going to open in the fall of 2013, by Fanime 2013 all the heavy construction should be done by then, would it not?
Quote from: yggdrasilsys on June 07, 2012, 10:13:04 PM
Yesterday I drove by the convention center, saw the fanime banners still on the street lights, and shed a tear.

I laugh at this but deep down I have a sad.