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I'll be there as anteiku uniform Kaneki with my fiance as anteiku uniform Touka.

As far as dates go I'd love for the gathering to be on Saturday if possible since we're going to two gatherings back to back on Sunday.

I'll be there as maid cafe Nitori with my fiance as maid cafe Momotarou! [gotta love that ova]

I hope to go as Malik with my girlfriend as Altair, but the Tiger and Bunny gathering we are also hoping to attend is at 11am the same day so it'd be cutting it really close.

My Herbert said he'd "stop by for a cup of tea", but Alexander is still a maybe. [however she'd be going as young!alexander since the only wig she currently has access too is light blond orz;;]

I was wondering, how many of the Daniels are going to be beaten up looking? Because my cosplay is well, clean, but I was considering making a beaten up version as well. If you guys have a preference as to which I wear to the gathering, let me know!

I bought the milky ways today, got my lantern and tinderboxes ready; this, gents, will be a splendid affair!

HI I'M MOOSLEY! I'm currently painting my mask and going as a Dapper Grunt, mustache included. Boyfriend, Santo, is possibly going as a Brute, but we aren't sure :D

Moos' is actually a friend of mine! And yes, we probably got her guy to be a brute as well. Also, we have another friend who may tag along as our dear professor Herbert! [also with a friend who maaaay come as Alexander if time allows it]

long list warning.

booty swing - parov stelar
W.A.R. - dj pablo []
beat drop - simon curtis
black rose -theriotz ft. xanexx
cakestep (dirty portal dubstep) - McShane139 []
clap your hands - 2NE1
the device has been modified - victims of science
dirty minds think alike - here come the mummies
disco pogo - frauenarzt & manny marc
the dj is mind - wonder girls
dont stop the music - 2NE1
edge of dreams - current value ft. snow
MASHUP: Durarara!! VS. Jay-Z / Sleigh Bells - nakinyko []
everybody talks - neon trees
fly like a g6 bitch - WTA JRK []
genie - snsd
give a little more - maroon 5
Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) - metric []
good feeling -flo rida
i go crazy because of you - t-ara
i like it loud - myah marie
i know you want me (calle ocho) - pitbull
i say fever - ramona falls
jap - abingdon boys school
je veux te voir - yelle
jungle dancing - Enzo Siffredi & Jfth ft. The All Stars
king of the dancehall - beenie man
americano - lady gaga
lion's roar - the hush sound
loca - shakira
love struck - v factory
low - flo rida ft t-pain
Make You Bleed (Assassins Creed 2 Rap) - TEAMHEADKICK
maraca - mohombi
mr.saxobeat - alexandra stan
Mukei Spirit  MUGEN LOOP REMIX  - Kou Shibasaki []
nu abo - fx
Nyan Cat (Alex S. Dubstep Remix) - DJAelxs []
obsessed - BoA
ode to the bouncer - studio killers
only time is tonight 2011 - dj earworm
Pandashka【Panda Hero & Matryoshka Mashup】 - triforodawn  []
paralyzer - finger eleven
pop culture (live mashup) - madeon []
ringleader - brittney spears
somebody told me - the killers
steppin razor - kraddy
sun goes down - david jordan
super psycho love - simon curtis
supermassive black hole - muse
sweaty (shazam remix) - muscles
target lost (PORTAL TURRET REMIX) - willbedfordmusic []
Theme for Scanty and Kneesocks - panty and stocking OST
turn me on -nicki minaj
united states of pop 2009 (blame it on the pop) -dj earworm
united states of pop 2011 (world go boom) - dj earworm
violet hill - pendulum
blood sugar - pendulum
the way i are - timbaland vs nephew []
we found love - rihana
we no speak americano - yolanda be cool
when i grow up - mayday parade
activate my heart - natalia kills
abracadabra - brown eyed girls
beautiful lies - B-complex
gimmie that - DJAelxs[]
i want your bite - chris crocker
i am not a whore - lmfao
i like your booty but im not gay - insaneoflex
S&M - rihana
take me on the floor - the veronicas
inside of you - hoobastank
starships - nicki minaj

tried to keep more explicit things towards the bottom.

Hey! I replied to this on tumblr but didn't see my name listed here so I'm popping in to say I'm going. I'm dovekiie [pa-chi-chi-chi on dA], and I'll be going to this event as Daniel, and I'm bringing bags of milky ways. Also, My girlfriend is coming with me as a human version of the Shadow if she can get it ready in time. [speaking of which, she asked me to mention she's open to suggestions on how she should go about cosplaying him/it, I know this isnt the place for that but if anyone has a suggestion for how you'd like to see it done, you can message me.]

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