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Catalog here:

Wall scrolls, posters, figures, blankets, doujinshi (artbooks and manga), tshirts, and lots of other random stuff. Please help me make my garage slightly less of a mess than it usually is T_T.

Will be at swap meet both days.

PM me or use the contact form on the catalog website if you have any questions/comments.
Yeah I think writing is definitely something I want to cover. Memorization techniques and resources and the like.

Random digression: Interesting that you mentioned writing practice - I think that was probably true back a few years, but the digital age has made handwriting all but obsolete. Some of my native Japanese friends actually have forgotten how to write some of the standard but less common high school characters.
Hm I could go over the basics of that sure. I think though maybe that fits more with the Japanese 101 panel (which I'm giving again this year).
Hi all,

I'm running the Teaching Yourself Japanese panel this year (I've run the Japanese 101 panel the last two years). I admittedly haven't started writing the panel yet (eheh), so I think this is a good opportunity to maybe ask people who are interested in attending what kind of material they would like to cover. A decent portion of the panel will be Q/A, but I thought it would also be good to gather a few common questions people might have about learning Japanese and to just include them in the panel proper.
I think I remember the answer to this being no for last year, but just to double check - raffles are not allowed right?
Hey all,

A bit of shameless self-promotion, but I posted a catalog of a lot of the stuff I will be bringing to swap meet. You can find it here:

I'm mostly selling wall scrolls and doujin items. Take a look if you're interested and please tell any friends who are attending Fanime and who might be interested!

Thanks as always to all the swap meet staff for making this event possible every year.
Quote from: Zelyhon on May 20, 2016, 01:01:09 AM
Quote from: JC52236 on May 20, 2016, 12:17:42 AM
What is the policy on raffles as a method of selling items?

Raffles are not allowed at Swap Meet.  It gets into its own set of legal issues that are much more trouble than they're worth to deal with.

Thanks! Fair enough. What about auction-style sales? I.e. I put a piece of paper in front of some kind of item and people write down bids, with the highest bid winning the item at the end? I figure this might be a bit less dodgy than the raffles since no money exchanges hands until the end.
What is the policy on raffles as a method of selling items?
Could anybody confirm if we need to send digital copies of the swap meet agreement and BOE forms to the swapmeet@fanime email, or if we just bring these forms with us when we go to swap meet at con? I remember the latter being the case based on last year, but the instructions on the swap meet registration form were a bit ambiguous so I wanted to make sure.