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Video Programming / Re: Hentai Music Video Awards at Fanime 2010
« on: March 30, 2010, 07:59:58 PM »
After much ado about nothing (and losing a crapload of time due to getting married), the rules have finally been posted! See the original post above!

In order of awesomeness

The Pillows

Video Programming / Re: Suggestion for Video Programming in 2010
« on: October 26, 2009, 09:18:33 PM »
Hentai amvs contest from cathulu for president

Cthulhu for President! if you please sir. The last intern who misspelled it, well, didn't come back in one piece...

Video Programming / Re: Hentai Music Video Awards at Fanime 2010
« on: October 17, 2009, 06:24:16 PM »
Oh come on, over a week and no one has anything to say?

Video Programming / Re: Suggestion for Video Programming in 2010
« on: October 17, 2009, 06:23:46 PM »
You'd actually need to contact The Escapist as they control Zero Punctuation.

Video Programming / Hentai Music Video Awards at Fanime 2010
« on: October 08, 2009, 02:01:36 PM »
The Cthulhu for President! campaign is proud to announce that it will be hosting the Hentai Music Video Awards at Fanime 2010!

Hentai Music Videos will be shown! Prizes will be given away! Laughs will be had! Peace in the Middle East will not be found!

Prizes will be given away for various categories and audience picks, ranging from money to trophies and hentai DVDs.

The Best of Show will be awarded a very special prize to be cherished and shown to friends and loved ones.

Below are the official contest rules
These rules are subject to change without notice by FanimeCon or the
Contest Director if deemed necessary.

All videos will be screened and may be disqualified for failure to
follow any of the rules or guidelines, for violating the general
concept of the contest, or for any reason FanimeCon or the Contest
Director may see fit.

Limit of five (5) videos per entrant/group.

Videos must have been created on or after May 28th, 2003

Videos must be no longer than eight ( 8 ) minutes long.

All videos must be in the possession of the Contest Director by
midnight on May 14, 2010. All videos will be tested and any errors
must be corrected by May 21, 2010.

All entrants and members of groups submitting videos must be over 18.

Awards that are chosen by the Audience will be chosen by auditory
voting. In the event that method is unclear by the determination of
the Contest Director, the audience will physically move into groups to
signify their vote. If, after such physical groupings, the voting is
still unclear, the prize will be split between the two highest

Content Guidelines:

No Yaoi or Yuri
No Guro
No Scat
No Bestiality
No Futanari
No Real-Life Porn. This means no pornography of actual human beings in the flesh
Nothing Illegal
Keep any violence and/or abuse to a minimum
BDSM - Wax, whipping and bondage are allowed. Bloodplay is prohibited.
Due to the variety of BDSM, any other kind of BDSM must be approved by
FanimeCon and the Contest Director in order to be permitted.
Use of regular anime is allowed, but the primary spirit of these
awards is for hentai music videos. Insufficient hentai is terms for
disqualification. Videos must be at least %50 hentai.
Tentacles are allowed and encouraged!


Cthulhu's pick (Chosen by Contest Director)
Audience's Overall pick (Chosen by Audience)
Best use of Tentacles (Chosen by Audience)
Best use of Music (Chosen by Audience)

Technical Rules

The below has been copied from the FMV rules for 2010. If there is a
discrepancy between the two, treat these as authoritative.

Submitting your videos
Visit http://www.cthulhuforpresident.org for instructions on
submitting your files.

File Formats
We are only accepting files that are formatted in MPEG2, AVI, MP4, or
MOV. If you choose to select a format that is different from the one’s
listed we will contact you and ask that you change it’s format.
Please, when exporting your files stay within official resolutions
720X480 or an HD size of 1280x720 and with stereo audio.

General File Settings
29.97 Frames Per second
Encode with an aspect ratio of 16:9, 4:3 is allowed but might be
stretched during our conversion process.
If your original source was film or 24fps add a 3:2 Pulldown this will
convert it to 29.97 fps
Please encode your video as deinterlaced. Interlaced is OK but we will
deinterlace the video for the contest.
Video size must be either 720X480 4:3 Format or 1280X720 16:9 Format
Single pass set to a variable bit rate and select 16 megabits per second
If you use two pass VBR set to 2 megabits as the minimum, 8 megabits
as the average, and 16 megabits as the maximum.

Use Layer-II or Layer-III audio at 224 Kilobits per second or better
Choose stereo over joint stereo for best quality
Sample at 44.1Khz

File size is rarely an issue, so try to make your video as high
quality as possible. Unlike the FMV contest, the Contest Director does
not have the ability to convert files for submitters. Submitters
should take responsibility for ensuring that the video is playable.
You can find information on file conversion in the FMV 2010 rules.

If you have any questions, please contact me at hmv@cthulhuforpresident.org

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Traveling to Fanime
« on: September 01, 2009, 01:13:18 PM »
As far as traveling, I highly suggest getting tickets with Southwest Airlines if possible. San Jose airport is a major SWA hub and they take up almost half of the airport. They're usually pretty cheap, especially if you reserve ahead of time. SWA only accepts reservations 6.5 months in advance, so you'll want to check their website in December. You can then take the light rail from the airport to the convention center.

Panels and Workshops / Re: What was your favorite panel &/or workshop? ^^)
« on: September 01, 2009, 11:26:07 AM »
Cthulhu for President!

Of course, I am biased.


I'm still working on getting video from the actual presentation online overlaid with the audio, but the audio keeps disappearing.

Do you honestly think Cthulhu cares if it is an election year or not? The Cthulhu for President campaign continues! Learn how Cthulhu was unfairly defeated! Learn about Cthulhu's stimulus plan and how you can help! Learn new ways to consume the flesh of infants! Cthulhu for President! No More Years!

This year, we even have buttons!

Saturday at 6pm! Be there or be eaten*!

*Attendance or the lack thereof will not prevent you from being eaten

Video Programming / Re: H Night Suggestion
« on: October 13, 2008, 10:23:17 PM »
I enjoy funny comments. The problem is that the majority of comments aren't funny.

Look, yelling out a phrase over and over that everyone has heard before isn't funny. It isn't clever or entertaining. At best it is just noise, but more commonly it is annoying.

I remember the first few years of the hentai room, when it was really entertaining. Now it's just a bunch of 4chan dipshits who are unoriginal and merely spout things others have said before.

Video Programming / Re: H Night Suggestion
« on: October 12, 2008, 08:24:54 PM »
H night needs:

Less idiots running around with megaphones
Less 4chan quotes
Less unfunny comments by the audience

More control over the audience
More "classical" hentai

I'm curious as to what people thought of it.

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