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Panels and Workshops / Re: The Dub Show!
March 04, 2011, 12:10:21 PM
Tell him to get his fat ass up North! >:( >:( >:(
Hey I don't know how far you guys are into this, but if you need a host I'd be more than willing to help!  I'm also hosting The Dub Show contest this year, and I have plenty of experience hosting events such as UC Santa Barbara's Digital Film Festival.  Plus I've been doing Stand Up Comedy for 2+ years and I've performed at tons of clubs in LA and Ventura.

I also performed at Animation on Display if anyone remembers me ;D

God that sounded egotistical... :(
Hey guys!  Thought you might want to check out our panel!,15599.0.html

It's the same concept as yours, but it's a competition.  If you want to mention us we'd really appreciate it (we'll do the same for you of course :D ).
Panels and Workshops / The Dub Show!
March 02, 2011, 09:24:41 PM
Hey guys!  Post any and all questions you have about The Dub Show here!

Think you're the next Little Kuriboh?  Prove it by competing in the ultimate fan dub parody competition!

Teams of 3 will compete by improving over a random scene from an anime.  The team the makes up the funniest stuff will go on to win fame, prizes, and a chance to battle some of the anime world's best comics!  Some come on down and find out if you're the next Yu-gi-oh Abridged...or...well...not Yu-gi-oh Abridged (we kid we kid!)

A note about the hosts:

Danny Gonzales was the winner of Anime Expo's Last Comic Standing in 2008.  He's been performing at anime conventions all over LA, as well as some of the hottest clubs in Hollywood.

Fazio won AX LCS in 2010.  He's the Co-President of Laughology, UC Santa Barbara's premier stand up comedy show.  He also performs at anime conventions all over California, as well as top comedy clubs in LA and Ventura.  He recently organized and performed at Animation on Display to a full audience!  He'll be one of the judges at AX LCS this year.

More guests to be announced.

No problem dude.
Getting outside help sounds really cool. We intend to stay "The Comedy Club at Fanime" but there's no problem in giving your group props out loud at our show and having you perform with us.

Thanks man!  We really appreciate it!

And if you guys need any help with anything, at this con or anywhere else, let us know ;D
Hey guys!  This is Fazio, one of the "comedy vets" G was talking about.

I just want to stress that we DID NOT WANT TO TAKE OVER YOUR PANEL!  Our concern was really that it wasn't going to happen.  We only have one goal and it's pretty simple: bring comedy to anime and game conventions.  We're not trying to take over the world.  We just want to make people laugh.

We recently had a show at AOD that went REALLY well.  We had a packed house and everyone was hilarious (including G).  We are also affiliated with the guys who put on AX's Last Comic Standing, and we recently had a show during Anime LA.  What we'd like to do is combine forces with you.  Most of us are in SoCal, so it's hard for us to come up North every month or so.  If you guys can do conventions like this, we'd be more than happy to provide and services you might need.

What I think is best is if we can do these comedy shows under one banner.  If we can have a single name that grows with every con instead of a bunch of small competing stand up shows, than it would really benefit everyone.  We'd get bigger conventions and maybe even do something like PAX or Comic-Con someday!

Again, we do not want to take over your show.  We just think it helps everyone if we work together.  There's strength in numbers.

I'm looking forward to participating in your show.  Hope you all think I'm funny lol