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Registration / Re: Receipt
« on: April 24, 2012, 12:05:16 AM »
yes, i did a group registration. they're only gonna ask for my id only. thank you for the answer kairi.

i order my badges from pre-regestration. the email said to just bring
my id to pick up the badges. i bought one for me n my brother.
Did you do group registration?  In that case yes, you only need to present your ID.  If you did 2 single registrations though, he will need to bring a photo government ID as well.

Registration / Re: Receipt
« on: April 23, 2012, 01:05:08 AM »
i order my badges from pre-regestration. the email said to just bring
my id to pick up the badges. i bought one for me n my brother.

Sadly...I missed it. How was it?

i waited 3 hours to meet Travis n Laura, but it was worth it.
they were super nice n i took a pic of them. go to livejournal.com.
i post it on the FMA community journal.


I can't believe this lame town is gonna have a convention here. My bro and I are going, now way
we are missing this. I can't wait to meet Laura and Travis. I love those people. We are also going
to the convention in San Jose.

Live Programming and Events / Re: FanimeCon 2012 Karaoke Contest Rules
« on: April 18, 2012, 12:25:47 PM »
I am happy that the contest is on this year. I signed up last year, I had to bail out cause of an emergency, but now, I will compete and participate this year. I will give it my all, so watch out people. I am coming!  :D

but are you sure that that Yuya n FLOW will perform on Saturday?

so, FLOW is performing on Saturday night @ 7 PM? are you sure?

saturday at 7pm :)

It's an all in one concert, so chances are Yuya will come out and perform first and then FLOW.

so, FLOW is performing on Saturday night @ 7 PM? are you sure?

saturday at 7pm :)

Galewolf, do you tell us what time we perform when we check in?

p.s. if you send me a PM, please include your real name- not everyone put down their forum ID when they signed up.

thank you for your effort Galewolf. I will be there on time. I guarantee you.

The following entries are accepted for the FanimeCon 2011 Karaoke Contest. You will need to check in with your music for both rounds (if not using our database) at the karaoke room by 5:30PM (30 minutes before contest start). If you don't check in, you will lose your spot.

This is not the contest order. The contest order will be posted weekend before the convention.

If you wish to change songs, no need to tell us now- just tell us when you check in.

C. Tomaschke
A. Lan
J. Ko
C. Ieong
M. Lara
Va. Nguyen
E. Peterson
C. Chang
T. Gifford
J. Chen
A. Sousa
Z. Sperber
C. Kelly
A. Parish
M. O'Connor
L. Chang
M. Duran
D. Pham
L. Mar
Y. Ramirez
Vi. Nguyen
K. Matsumoto
F. Caudillo
V. Galietta
J. Galietta
K. Denison and T. Hopkins (group)
K. Ishijima
K&A (group)
E. Steimel
M. Silvestre
E. Chen
B. Nguyen
J. Luc
N. Aquino
C. Choi
K. Cunico
E. Muhilly

Due to the extra time it took this year to close signups, the following who signed up online after the 40 spots were filled will be first on the waiting list. Your chances of getting a spot in the contest- though not guaranteed- are very good to excellent. Historically we've taken at least 6 from the waiting list every year.

If you are on this waiting list, you do not need to sign up again at con, but you will need to be present in the karaoke room at 5:30PM when we award the spots from the waiting list. If we call your name and you don't answer, we will move on down the waiting list. Once we add you to the contest, we will then collect your music.

K. Mai
M. Paredes
A. Molina
H. McDonald
S. Cocanour
R. Hughes
D. Tolin
H & J (group)
V. Ukhalkar
S. Stites

hi kitty, it's me, yocelyn, you helped me answer some questions. i just want to say good luck practicing and hope to see and hear you at the con. my brother and i are going because we want to see FLOW. do your best. and may the best singer win.

"wow, I'm actually subscribed to you on yt. Loved your kare kano duet." -AlexL55
Sorry, thought that post was directed towards you. Read it pretty fast... >.<  Ehh... I feel kinda stupid now XDD

hahah its all good :)

it's my first time too. i feel the same way.

Gah, everyone seems like they have lots of experience with karaoke.

This will be my first contest. Aaahh the nervousness.

you sang Lacrimosa? how wonderful.

I will be 23 when I compete.  I went for the first time in 2009 and then couldn't go last year.  If anyone remembers someone who sang Lacrimosa in the 2009 contest, that was me. :D

I sing alto 2, but I'm actually a mezzo who can sing man notes. :b  

you got my support kitty.

this is wat i think
when the list is posted of who is in the contest, we should all kinda sound off on our real names
and meet up in person for the contest and cheer for each other!
moral support!!
because i kno for a fact that none of my friends are goin friday night so ill need all the support i can get :D

it's my first time too. don't worry, i'll cheer for you and do your best.

Ok, thanks. I don't think it's a big deal if we're wrong. :) I can't wait to hear everyone sing. (It's my first karaoke contest EVER.)

kitty, i signed up for the contest.

Are we supposed to get a confirmation email?  I haven't got one yet.  

i dont think so..i never got one in the previous years *shrugs*

Galewolf, if my entry is wrong. please tell me.

Wow! That didn't take long...

We have our first rejected entry- No real name.

where? i don't see it.

it's up!!1 page 2 everyone!!

well, i guess that makes sense, i mean, i want to give my best. hey kitty, if your at the contest, i hope hear to hear you cheering for me. and will do the same for you as well and for other contestants, even if i don't know them. my name is yocelyn and thank u for answering questions. keep in touch.

well think about it
it would be a bad idea if u sign up wit only one song and arent prepared for the final round should u get picked
and u cant have that kind of attitude
think that ur gonna get chosen so you can give ur best performance
but if u get chosen for the final round and u only had one song picked?
then ur frantically searching the last minute for a song that u might not have practiced or perfected

get it?

and what supersheba said too
the judges know your prepared and ready for the 2nd round

why do we need to have two songs if your not chosen for the second round?

We are still on target to open signups this Sunday, 5/1, but the exact time is still up in the air. It will be either 1PM or 9PM.

We'll reply to this topic when the time has been confirmed.

We'll also take this opportunity to give a general reminder on online signups- when you sign up, you need to fill in all the fields. If you don't, your entry will not be accepted.

The most common mistakes are:

  • Not entering your first and last name (there will be a separate optional space for fan names)
  • Only listing one song (you need to have two- one for each round)
  • No address or incomplete address

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