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Roommates Wanted
Looking for 1 Person-only floor space available!
Hi my name is Rebeca this is my 7th year going to Fanime.

Hotel Information: Hyatt across from the convention center, Thursday-Monday
Costs: Cost will be split depending on how many people will be in the hotel, the most if not to many people in the room is $220.
Payment either Paypal or Venmo.

Requirements:Anyone is welcome, no bringing other people to the room unless everyone approves of it, everyone will need to agree on a set time of when lights out will be. No Smoking, Drinking maybe allowed so long as everyone is 21+, keeps your hands to yourself( no touching others or their belongings). more rules can be discussed between roommates.

Contact:You can DM on here or on IG xxbebecaxx

Food: I try to provide some type of food and drinks for everyone, water, soda, milk, bread, chips, yogurts etc.
little concerned, did anyone have to put in the confirmation code?
Got mine but now i have a question will my card get charged anything right now or till later when it's closer to the con?