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Found one

Looking for a room!

26 years old male. Not weird. Will make you laugh. Will be driving my car to the hotel.

Been to Fanime 5 times in the last 8 years.

Feel free to hit up my G.mail with any questions at (removed) without the parentheses (trying to bypass spam bot crawlers) or you can message me on Facebook. Name is (removed)
Looking for a room


I'll be going to Fanime this year and I'm looking for a room to stay in. My name is Gor; I'm a 24 year old Asian American. I'm a pretty clean guy and I like to keep things organized. I'll be driving to Fanime from Berkeley and I can possibly pick you up if you need a ride. I can bring my sleeping bag if needed. I am typically quiet in first impressions, and will occasionally pipe in with a side joke.