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Roommates needed at the Marriot!

Heya! I'm a pretty heckin' rad dude and I'm sure you are too. Unfortunuately I've got a few friends who dropped out last minute so I'm looking to fill in some free space in my double at the Marriott.

Hotel - Marriott which is literally attached to the convention center itself for maximum convenience
Check in/out - Friday - Monday
Price - $130 per for the whole weekend, or 50 a night for individual nights
Requirements:  As long as you can respect other people's property and space you're golden.  I'm 26 and Ive been going to Fanime for 8(?) years at this point so you can count on me being fun and sociable. If you're looking for a chill, drama free experience to enjoy the convention then look no further. All I ask is for no shenanigans.

You can contact me ideally via email:
Yo! It seems someone probably hoisted up a lone black luggage case from the concierge in the Marriott while I was grabbing lunch. I assume it was on accident, since it was relatively small and plain looking. Nothing particularly valuable inside aside from personal clothing, and perscription contact lenses. But it did contain some cosplay materials and supplies that I'm going to miss.

Some of the things included: A blue Polkadot dress, stripped leggings, and some poorly made custom shirts. Please contact me if you have it, I'd very much like it back, since again, theres nothing particularly valuable, just cosplay stuff.

Hey there! I'm Nick, and Ive been going to Fanime for quite some time now, this is probably my 6th(?) year, so I'm pretty seasoned. Im an all around cool dude, and that's all there really is to say on the matter. On a scale from yes to no? I'm a solid "yes" on the scale of cool dudeittude.
Anyways, this is extremely last minute because two friends of mine had to change their Fanime plans recently leaving me with extra room to fill.

Hotel: City Center Motel, a place Ive stayed at during Fanime several times years in the past. Its pretty chill, but obviously nothing fancy. Its main perk is being within walking distance from the con center (About a 7 minute walk away, since its literally 2.5 blocks away).  2 beds (with a possible rollout?)
Check In: Friday
Check Out: Monday
Cost: Depends! As low as $87, but no more than $120 for all 3 nights. But since Ive done this before, I know that some people might only be around 1 or 2 of the nights so the cost will vary a little bit with that information potentially. Still, its all basically evenly split with myself covering anything leftover. If you only need to stay for 1/2 of the 3 nights, do let me know so I can factor that in.

Rules and Requirements: Common sense and human decency are really all I ask. I don't mind if youre male, female, or some sort of cyborg, as long as you can treat people with respect thats all that matters. No smoking etc, no outside friends without asking first (I dont mind, but other people might, so just ask first!). And most important respect for other people's stuff. Do expect at least one or two of the people including myself to be cosplaying too, so I'm always down with the clown to help and stuff, I know how hard it is to get set up alone sometimes.

Contact info: Definitely PM me here and Ill respond practically instantly if you have any questions or concerns. If not, email me at
EDIT: Filled!!!

Hey there! Ive got some last minute dropouts and now there's a few free spaces in this room. Its a quaint motel about a 5 minute walk from the convention center, and its significantly cheaper than anything else in the area. We have the room from Thursday-Monday, though you obviously aren't required to stay each of the days. The cost will adjust for whichever days you need. The room has two beds and we'll probably bring an air mattress just in case its needed so ideally no one will have to literally sleep directly on the floor unless they want to for some strange raisin.

I shouldn't have to say it, but I will just in case: No Smoking. Other than that all I expect is to respect everyone's property, especially cosplay props. Those are always a big deal. I should also include that we are all over 18, myself being 22.

Contact me via the messaging system here or directly via skype and we can discuss specifics if you're interested.
Skype: Angerhanger

Edit: Im good now!
Oh boy you guys, Fanime is in like 3 days! I can barely contain my excitement.

Been wondering if any people who have worn a Zentai suit in the past for like a Exile/Guardian cosplay had any uncomfortable experiences, so I can prepare for any sort of mishaps that may happen. Since will be my first time being in one for an extended period of time. Do they usually get really hot?

Other than that, my Harlequin Jack is 98% complete! Just gotta finish attaching the various pieces to the suit.

I hope I look half as good as alot of the photos ive seen from previous MSPA gatherings.
Oh hey guys!, long time lurker, first time poster.

This sounds like loads of fun.
Ill definitely end up going as some version of Jack, probably the harlequin one. I really am excited for Fanime in general, first time to Fanime as well. Hope to have tons o at the con and fun with you guys. I might even bring some delicious treats, depending on what I can get my hands on (I was thinking of bringing a ton of Black Licorice Scottie dogs, then I remembered how bad black licorice tastes)

Just gotta try and finish this comical hat in time and ill be 100% complete.