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This is what we call LAST MINUTE PLANNING! Two days ago (May 15th), I invited Vince of to join me on my journey to Fanime to do his amazing photoshoots.  

Long story short...Vince of, will be doing photoshoots at Fanime this year!!

if you would like to book a photoshoot with him, all the details are up on his FanimeCon 2007 Photo-Shoot Schedule Page!!

click the photo for examples!

Was anyone at the post rave hobo party last year?XD

  We had a HUGE glowstick campfire and a great big circle of people!  It was great! "What would you do for Pocky?" was there and hung our for awhile.  we had a Naruto theme song techno rave and tackled DDR players xD

 It was ALOT of fun! Anyone up for doing it again? :D

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