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I didn't see this gathering in the first list of the Fanime gatherings this year, is this still going to happen?

I'd be willing to help out hosting if need be!
I really hope I can go to this year's gathering! It depends on what time and day it'll be, but if all goes well, I'll be bringing Queen Marika
This gathering includes characters from Disney sequels right? Because then I'll be able to attend-
Friday I was Golden Freddy
Saturday I was Papyrus
Sunday I was Simon Jarrett
and Monday I was Daniel of Mayfair

Also, my friends and I cosplayed as Godchild Friday morning.

Let me know if you got any photos of me! :D

I know it's getting pretty close to the con, but I was looking to see if there are any photographers out there (good with night shots) that are available for a photoshoot with just me in the evening/nighttime hours on Sunday.

I will be cosplaying from the horror game SOMA that came out last year, which is sci-fi (for a more popular game that has a similar look to it, refer to Dead Space). I'm not certain what location around the con would be best for this kind of look, but if you're interested, send me a PM or an email at and we can figure something out.

Thanks so much!
If there's a FNAF gathering this year, I'll be going as Golden Freddy! Anyone else cosplaying from FNAF this year?
Amnesia fans reading this - I was planning on cosplaying Edwin and Enoch Mandus from AMFP on Saturday with a friend (possibly more days too), but my cosplay partner is suddenly unable to go.

I have the entire cosplay getting prepped as we speak. Let me know if you can be my Enoch, and I'll bring the cosplay along for you to borrow for whatever days we decide to wear them-