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Live Programming and Events / The Cocky Bastard Challenge
« on: September 21, 2022, 09:49:14 PM »
An idea for a live gaming event: Someone fancies themselves as the best at some obscure or otherwise forgotten game, like Jordan v. Bird One on One for NES, and they want to prove it.

After vetting their intent and abilities, the would-be champion puts up X amount of money (say, $50). Challengers sign up and offer up a small amount (say, $5).

If the champion defeats all the challengers in a set amount of time (X number of challengers or Y amount of time), then the champion walks with their seed money plus the collected pot. If a challenger defeats the champion per the rules of the match (best of 3, 5m time limit, Fox-only, Final Destination, whatever), then the challenger walks with the collected pot plus the champion's seed money.

Naturally, everyone would be rooting for the challenger, and the champion can play up the crowd by being a massive heel.

I have no idea whether this would run against rules against gambling, but since it is a match between consenting adults, and the prize amount is relatively small, this could be done with little to no cost to Fanimecon in terms of prize money or licensing. The champion and Gaming staff would simply have to work out the game, the match details, and the equipment and space.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections Fanime 2012
« on: June 02, 2012, 01:19:07 AM »
You ran an impromptu MLP panel in E-gaming. I brought you Internet access and we talked about being panel partners. Please PM me.

Live Programming and Events / Re: Gong Show
« on: May 30, 2012, 12:26:08 AM »

The link below is for a Facebook event you can use to find others in Sacramento who are offering / need rides to the upcoming staff meeting on April 30.

Live Programming and Events / Halo: Reach Tournament Rules
« on: April 21, 2011, 10:59:30 PM »
Halo Reach Tournament Rules

MLG just updated they're rules sets to v3, in which we will be using v3 for tournaments.

Game: Halo Reach 2v2
Gametype: MLG Team Slayer
Game Settings: MLG v3
Player speed - 110%
Melee Modifier - 75%
Health Recharge - 0%
Jump Height - 110%
Player Gravity - 150%
Motion Tracker - off

Kill Limit: 15 
Time Limit: 8 minutes per round
Rounds: It will be single elimination throughout the tournament with only best of 1 game being played until semi finals where it will be best 2 out of 3 unless otherwise specified differently.

(Marksman) Primary weapon: Dmr
(Warden) Primary Weapon: Needle Rifle 

Starting Equipment: Sprint

Other rules: 
Power Weapons will have 1 clip and a 180 sec respawn.

No camping, no staying in 1 place for long periods of time, you will be told to move around.

MLG Countdown v3
MLG Element v3.1
MLG Nexus v3
MLG Sanctuary v3.1
MLG Zealot v3 

Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanimecon 2011 - Suggestions for E-Gaming
« on: February 09, 2011, 12:36:06 AM »
We have had a few threads asking for feedback on the PC Gaming section of E-Gaming stickied for some time now.  To reduce the clutter of the board, we have decided to un-sticky those threads and move the request for feedback to this thread.

Here is what I am seeing so far:

Not surprisingly, the most requested title is Starcraft II.  We would love to have this title available, but it requires Internet connectivity for the gaming machines, which is proving very difficult.  Trust me:  If we can get it, and if we can get SC2, we will!

I am also seeing a large call for Black Ops and Team Fortress 2, and a few people seem curious about Portal 2.  We also see a few requests for Counter-Strike: Source, as well as Peggle (which would just be fun to watch!)

We were also tracking to see whether there was much of a demand for a "classic gaming" section of PC Gaming, using older machines to run older titles.  So far, we are not seeing much fervor over that idea, so we will focus our efforts on supporting more modern titles.

We are also surprised that there has not been much demand for racing games in the PC area.  We were hoping that the PC Gaming section would focus on titles and genres that were not as well represented in the Console Gaming area, which is why we are happy to see that SC2 and TF2 are popular requests.  However, there was not much discussion about having racing titles available, so we will shift our attention to other areas.

We still have a few months to work on making E-Gaming as awesome as we can, and we still want your thoughts.  If you have any suggestions on how we can make either the Console Gaming or PC Gaming sections better, please continue to post your thoughts in this thread.  (We really need the thoughts in this thread, because e-mails, PMs, Twitter posts and Facebook replies are more difficult to track.)

For your information, here are the links to the original polls asking for thoughts on specific games in the PC Gaming area:

See you in May!

Anyone interested in Duke Nukem Forever?  It should be out by Fanime 2011.  And not Fanime 2111 as some had thought.

Staff & Volunteers / E-Gaming staff positions available for FC 2011
« on: January 11, 2011, 01:25:36 AM »
The E-Gaming department is looking for staff members for Fanimecon 2011.

You're still reading.  Good; you've passed the first test.

We have several positions available for staff members in both the Console Gaming and PC Gaming areas of the Game Room.  We are looking for responsible adult-ish staff members to help maintain and monitor those areas, as well as potentially help plan and execute special events during con (eg: tournaments).

Here are some things we consider when selecting staff members:
Fanime staffing experience
Non-Fanime volunteering experience
Customer relations experience
Are you a gamer?
What can you contribute to E-Gaming that makes you awesome?

Jonas, Mike, Patrick and myself (Rob) will be at Fanime staff meetings from now until con, but we need to have our staff filled out soon.  If you are interested in being part of our team, visit us at the next staff meeting.

As of this writing, the next Fanimecon 2011 General Staff Meeting is:
Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 3pm
Hilton San Jose, Santa Clara room (upstairs from the lobby, next to the elevators)

We hope to see you there.  Game on!

I believe you meant suggestions for RTS games, not FPS. ;)

I don't know what you mean  ::) Srsly, though, thanks for the suggestions and the pointout.  Consider your double-vote counted.

A person suggested Race Driver: GRID

What games would you like to see in the PC Gaming area of Fanimecon 2011?  Select which Puzzle / Strategy games you would like to see, and we will try to make the most popular games available!

Don't feel restricted by the poll.  Feel free to post a reply with other Puzzle / Strategy games you would like to see.  Thanks!

What games would you like to see in the PC Gaming area of Fanimecon 2011?  Select which Real-Time Strategy / Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games you would like to see, and we will try to make the most popular games available!

Don't feel restricted by the poll.  Feel free to post a reply with other RTS games you would like to see.  Thanks!

Live Programming and Events / Fanimecon 2011: PC Game suggestions: Racing
« on: November 21, 2010, 04:23:17 AM »
What games would you like to see in the PC Gaming area of Fanimecon 2011?  Select which Racing games you would like to see, and we will try to make the most popular games available!

Don't feel restricted by the poll.  Feel free to post a reply with other Racing games you would like to see.  Thanks!

Live Programming and Events / Fanimecon 2011: PC Game suggestions: FPS
« on: November 21, 2010, 04:19:49 AM »
What games would you like to see in the PC Gaming area of Fanimecon 2011?  Select which First Person Shooters you would like to see, and we will try to make the most popular games available!

Don't feel restricted by the poll.  Feel free to post a reply with other FPS games you would like to see.  Thanks!

This month, NorCal Anime will be having a special Halloween-themed meeting!

We are showing two popular supernatural-themed anime series: High School Of The Dead, and Bakemonogatari.  As a change of pace, we will also be showing all of the popular anime-satire series Girlchan In Paradise.

And what is Halloween without costumes?  So as a new event, we will also be holding a cosplay contest.  At the beginning of the meeting, we will give attendees the chance to show off their costumes, with awards given to the best in a few categories:
  • Scariest Cosplay
  • Cutest Cosplay
  • Best In Show
  • Fan's Choice
Winners will be announced at the end of the meeting.

The event starts at 5pm (one hour earlier than normal!) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at the Colonial Heights Library.  More information can be found at

We hope to see you there!

We have lots of plans for expansion of the E-Gaming department for the upcoming con, and we want to know what you would like to see.

For example, what games would you like to see featured?  Are there any tournaments you would like to see run?  Are there any genres of game that you enjoy that you would like to be available?

Your replies will help dictate the direction we take our efforts in the coming months leading up to con.  With your help, we will help to make Fanimecon even more amazing than it was this year.  Remember, this is by fans, for fans, so thank you in advance for your input!

I have uploaded twelve videos from the DDR Freestyle Exhibition from Fanimecon 2010.  They have been arranged into a playlist for your viewing enjoyment.  Comments encouraged.

I am working on several videos recorded for Stage Zero.  The three events filmed were:
Super Mario Bros. Speed Run
Super Street Fighter IV
DDR Freestyle

The first two are complete and linked below.  The last has only one video completed and uploaded.  More to come.

SMB Speed Run:

DDR Freestyle Exhibition will be uploaded soon. Stay Tuned.

Working on it, sir.

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