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Hey Everyone!!

Wanna join the fun and help revive the fandom?? Then come one come all to participate in our 1p/2p Hetalia Panel!! Due to the characters that will be used in the panel the age range will be 16+ or maybe a bit higher but that will be set in stone as a group with those who will be participating to make sure we are all on the same page. We want everyone to have fun so we will come to a compromise when the day comes.

All charcters in both worlds are welcome and nyos are as well. Rules for the panel will be also decided as a group so we are all on the same page ^^.

Taken Characters

2p Hetalia Characters
2p Canada

1p Hetalia Characters


Avaliable Characters

2p Hetalia Characters

2p America
2p England
2p France
2p Russia
2p China
2p Italy
2p Germany
2p Prussia
2p Japan
Any and all other 2ps, the ones listed are not the only ones allowed

1p Hetalia Characters

Any and all other countries, the ones listen arent the only ones that are allowed.

I will be updating this post every week so the character lists will change as people start joining. It would be a great honor to have you guys join us on this event. If youd like to participate you can message me through the forums or through instagram: @chub_rye.cosplay

OR join the forum for updates and to chat with the panalists. We will be conducting meeting calls through discord starting in February/March. Here is the link ^^

Have a great day everyone and i hope to hear from some of you soon ^^

Hello everyone!!

Wanna join the BNHA cosplay panel? Lol I don't have a age range for it yet but I was thinking of 16+ or 18+, the final range would be decided by everyone participating in the panel to ensure everyone is in agreement and comfortable with the topic or questions that could be asked. As of now all characters are up for grabs! I myself am deciding to cosplay Mina but that might change I'm not sure yet.

But yeah any hero or villain that wants to participate go ahead and hit me up! It will be loads of fun ^^

Here is the discord server for the panel! Fasted way to get ahold of me also any updates

We still have lots of characters up for grabs so please spread the word to anyone who would be interested!!

If you want to get ahold of me for any more information or to participate you can contact me through Instagram: @chub_rye.cosplay

Hope to hear from you guys soon and Have a great day everyone