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Hay B, I'm thinking of having the Kenshin gathering on Sunday, here is the link to it. and yes, I will put it on the URL page.,10096.msg258255.html#msg258255
Well, Here we are, nearing the start of a new Fanime, and we need more people.

Here we go.
We had a great time and here are the photos, they're near the bottom and on several pages XD:!cpZZ8QQtppZZ16
Oo Boy, I'm going to do better next year in planning this I swear. ^^; Yeah, the turn out was a little anemic -_- ^^; :-[

Don't believe me? here are the pics:!cpZZ43QQtppZZ16

I'm sorry you couldn't make it -_- we were really lacking in DoA cosplays at Fanime  :'(

Here's the start of the all the pictures I took at the gathering. It takes up MULTIPLE pages XD!cpZZ4QQtppZZ16

Anyway, I've already started the thread ready for 2012. Anyone want to join us for the Armageddon gathering? ;D
Hay there, here is the start of the pictures I took at the gathering.!cpZZ36QQtppZZ16

I'm hoping to cosplay next year (fingers crossed)
Well, I'm heading out to the con Tomorrow for Day 0, I hope to see you all there at the gathering ;D
@ squishynin: Sure, we'de love to have you. ;D

Well, I'm head for Day 0 tomorrow, can't wait to see you all at the con ;D
Well, I'm heading to the con for Day 0 tomorrow, I con't wait to see you all there. ;D
This is going to be big.

@Shinsengumi: Arge, I forgot about that, sorry hun. ^^;
Wow! We are getting more people by the day.

Dose anyone mind If I put the time of the gathering at 2:30?
Ok, I've got the time and date for the Gathering.

It;s going to be on Saturday at 2:00 pm (uless anyone has a complaint) ;D
Ok, yes the gathering is still on.

Unless anyone has problem with it, I'm going to put the gathering time at 4:30 pm.
Which gathering is that?
I may not be able to make it for tea, but if it's early enough, I may be able to make it for the regular gathering.
I'm up for moving it, I just got word that the Assassin's Creed Gathering is going to be on Satuday MORNING . . . At least that gives me time to change for other gatherings :D  However this brings up a little cosplay shuffle with the Kuroshitsuji gatherings, so this will be interesting.

Quote from: Shinsengumi on February 24, 2011, 01:50:17 AM
Saturday is good for me ;D

Quote from: kimu on February 14, 2011, 08:30:19 PM
(At the least I am planning to wear Kenshin to this year's Cherry Blossom Festival in April. ;) )

If you are planning to bring Kenshin for the Cherry Blossom Festival. I'll bring my Shinsengumi outfit. 8)

I guess I can change from Seras for Cherry Blossom to Kaoru.  ;D

So if there are no objections (sorry) I'll change it up.