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They are usually in a walking a distance. Just a few blocks away from the convention center.
You should be fine. As long as they know that you are you, then it's fine. Don't worry so much xD It's Fanime!
All you need is a form of ID. To speed up the process, a receipt would be nice, but not necessary.
Look for me too D: I want to meet at least some people from the forums xD. PM for my # maybe? bwhahaha.
I Garfunkeled his mother.
Forum Games / Re: This or That?
May 13, 2009, 10:52:08 AM
Quote from: Knightfire on May 13, 2009, 10:49:56 AM
Regular, the whole dying thing doesn't work that well for me.

Vinyl or Digital?
Digital rwarrrr.. Where's my DSi ;o

Speaking of which, hanging a flat screen on a wall or leave it on a stand?
I must not submit.....!! Damn my diet D:
I can finally go this year! I'm 21 as of December :P
I wonder if I should come xD. Give me a date and time and I'll goto it!
Quote from: PrincessCake on May 13, 2009, 10:17:46 AM
This is my first year! I'm pretty excited, and I have hard time sleeping lately because its so close!!! I wish I could time jump or something!
I hope you have the prime time of your life :P
AIM: XShadowsofFearX
Aww don't go alone! That's boring :[ I remember going alone for one year.. and there was absolutely nothing to do. No conversations with people, no nothing! Hey, if you want to hang out with me, you are more than welcome to. I usually walk around the place going to the exhibit halls and some panels. I sometimes go back to my hotel to lay on the comfy bed and whatnot. But anyhow, feel free to hang out with me :]. I'll either be in a Roy Mustang outfit or a Mr. Chang from Black Lagoon.

Also for anyone else out there who feel lonely and need a person to hang out with, you guys are welcome to hang out with me. I'm not the best entertainer in the world, but I'm pretty open minded. So free free to talk to me ;]. Have a great Fanime everyone!

Add me in: I'm coming as Roy Mustang :]
Add me in.. i'll be a Regular Wizard :P
Anyone want to camp out in front of elevators for one night? xD
I think rubymoonIII is fine..
I have no clue what that means lol.