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Registration / Badge/sword question.
January 26, 2009, 08:04:56 PM
I've paid for registration and it says I can get in with a special badge. Its my first convention I will ever attend so I'm nervouse as heck. Its Jan. and I'm still scared about it and still new to the rules and registration.

Now that I paid,How do I get the badge? Do I go to a special booth and pick it up when they day comes? Do I give them my name with a I.D? And do I need to have a special number with me that was given to me when I paid.

And about my sword. Its made of real metal but not sharp. I have the protective thing for it (I think its called a shelth or shelt?)
It has a sharp point but I don't mind putting it in the shelth/shelt for the 3 days.

Thank you.