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Gathering/Event Name: Lolita Gathering
Forum Name: Lizchan33
Quote from: halfyoumu on April 02, 2014, 10:55:22 AM
Maybe some useful info for con-goers dressing in lolita or other fancy wear for fanime 2014:
Um so there's this really cute tea party place in downtown San Jose, not too far from the con called Satori Tea Company ( and I've been there the decor is super pretty and they have great scones and SO MANY tea choices!

So if any lolitas wanted to get together and have a tea party, its a perfect place! It is kinda small, so I would maybe get a reservation if that is possible but they should be able to accommodate a medium sized group what with the outdoor space too. It is kinda hard to find? its by Peggy Sue's and the entrance is IN the parking lot??

I know this wouldn't work for the gathering but its just an idea for a place to have an elegant tea party like maybe after the gathering??. idk if I'm helping sorry.
Thanks for the insight! I'm not from San Jose so I don't know everything in the area.
For the main gathering it doesn't sound like much is going on the forums on this so I'm going to go off of what the other lolitas in the facebook groups wanted.

We are looking at Saturday afternoon, 1pm :)
EDIT: Looks like I'm too late again to be listed in the gathering list. This will be unofficial then.

Hey there everyone!
With the delays last year and not being in the gathering list I'm making an effort this year to post early and be involved!
I will be posting this in other locations as well but I'd like some input on possible changes to the gathering.
Please post here if you have comments or concerns and look out for new posts on other boards or forums posted by me, Claudia Ethos or Lizchan33!

Day:Saturday May 24th 2014
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
MP: offsite location - Monopoly Park
L: Offsite - Monopoly Park

Anyone that would like to attend may, as long as they dress elegantly (lolita, kodona, etc) and are polite! (Includes cosplays similar to kuroshitsuji and the like)

*We are officially NOT supplying food... but you can bring your own to munch on (wink wink)

List of those going!
Claudia Ethos (Lizchan33) *host
Ahhh this is a check in post :D
I miss everyone from fanime and hope to see you this coming year!
Let me say thanks for organizing... I didn't stay the whole time and wasn't in many pictures but it was fun still!!!
Quote from: Kayog on May 29, 2012, 08:48:54 PM(looking for persons post)
I'm sorry but this isn't really the thread to look for them in. Please keep it to the missed connections in general convention discussions. If she felt the same way as you she will look for you on the forums as well.
Please please come even if you haven't worn lolita before~!
We are all nice and if you are shy, just stick by my side >u<
Also, everyone that said they were going, Thank you~!
I haven't been able to update the list at all because of personal reasons.
But remember how it's been in the past because it's going to be pretty much the same as usual~!

Annd NINA~!
I'll text you on Friday so we can get everything squared away on Saturday :3
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on April 26, 2012, 12:11:24 AM
Lizchan, if you need me so we can put our heads, coffee makers, and thermoses together to get enough hot water for the tea (if it comes to that), just let me know. I'm also willing to help set up again this year.
I think this would be a great idea =w=
I've got a few tea pots specifically for this and I think I might get with Bshapire to see if I can use the outlets in the cosplay lounge but I will make hot tea if it kills me
Also sorry for the delay I've had a lot going on in my life......

Quote from: Kamonohashi on May 06, 2012, 11:10:15 PM
I am interested in going, but what is meant by "it will be held in the same area"?
Ahhh it is current information for this year~!
The location is the library path next to the hilton on the front side(north I'm pretty sure) of the convention center. The nice thing is you'll be able to see us if you walk on the first floor of the convention center and look out the windows.

You don't need to be attending fanime to go to the picnic~!

you may come if you are in appropriate cosplay, and VenusIvy... I'd hate it if I didn't see you there >:D
So unfortunately we shall be outside rather than inside but I'll still going to do my best to get that real tea made even if it's outside >:D
I would like to make an appearance as either Grimdark Rose or Terezi...
YAY we have our times set~!
I'll post a location as soon as I have the time to properly update the first post~
Thanks everyone for the continued support!
So here is a LOVELY UPDATE!!!
We will be moving the picnic yet again... and this time we don't have to worry about location thanks to the ever popular BSaphire!!!!!~~~~~~<3
As soon as I have concrete time and place information(Verified information) I shall let everyone know!

Also, I would love to let everyone know ON THE DOWNLOWI WILL WANT [READ: NEED] DONATIONS~~~
I'm planning on having hot tea (read that as REAL TEA) this year!!!
I'm still working out all the kinks but I hope for everything to be ready come MAY <3 <3 <3 <3
I'm still keeping track of this!
best part... I get emails whenever someone pms me xD
I really appreciate all the swapmeet staff did they were awesome!
I'll totally do it again next year <3
Quote from: StarlitHellsing on June 16, 2011, 11:46:38 PM
Wow, we ran into this this year hours before we were planning to wear our Lolita outfits, we hurried to change but everyone was gone when we made it back.  We really hope to join you all this year!
We had to move it back to the old location, hopefully we'll see you next year? :3
I'm sorry I'm gonna have to pull out ;_;
too many things came up at once...
@Nina star: Uhhhh I'd say actual time but I know I'm working evening shift for roving.....
I'm aiming for 9am... and I'm usually on time... Ask IceQueen about my being on-time raging xD
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on May 18, 2011, 12:23:07 PM
All genders and sexes are perfectly welcome!

Actually, last year, I sat at a table with two brolitas and a boyfriend. We had the manliest table there, haha.

(Yup, I'm answering for you now, Lizchan. ;P Do you still need me to co-host? You'll have to instruct me on my duties!)
Yeah you're doing an awesome job co-hosting xD
Uhh I think we should get together on Sunday about 9am? hopefully I'll be dressed by then xD
I'm rooming in Hilton okies? :D
I'll have to message you my room number when I know xD
I'm so spazzing out xD
What should I buy from Costco??????
I'm gonna have to pull out from the Hannah cosplay ;___;
I got over booked with other things and didn't have time to buy the fabric I wanted... darn loving my job >_< I work all the time!
I don't know if you got replies about the putting stuff away.... but here I go....

As a part of Fanime Staff, we are NOT patrolling the artist alley when it is closed. There is the possibility of some not so smart people (Stupid Jerks) going in and stealing art.
I would recommend taking as much as you can so you don't have to worry about theft.