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I have a $25 iTunes gift card. The problem? I have never used iTunes, and I SERIOUSLY doubt I ever will. Anybody willing to do me a favor and straight trade $25 for it? Please? =\
General Convention Discussion / How I Roll
May 08, 2007, 01:34:07 AM
I know that I have posted this in more than one section of the board. I thought it appropriate, but if the staff finds this unacceptable please take the appropriate action. Now then.

Today is Tuesday, the 8th of may. On Wednesday, the 9th of may, I shall purchase my Amtrak ticket that will allow me to, as they say, "get jiggy wid it."

Where this ticket will ultimately take me depends on you.

The Scenario: I reside in Sacramento. I wish to arrive AT THE CONVENTION SITE around noon, on THURSDAY THE 24th. I will also accept as early as ten and as late as one.

Now I could simply amtrak straight from Sacramento to San Jose. This will take about three hours in comfort, but I will be alone and bored and when I get to the end of the line I get to walk a mile from the station to the convention center in the hot sun loaded with crap.

This is not ideal.

Thus! If anyone else is planning on (or is willing to) arrive within this timeframe on the proper date, lives north of San Jose, and has room, would you be willing to give me a ride? I will amtrak to as near to you as I can, and you come pick me up and we go from there together, and a good time is had by all. Now, I am loud and like to talk and will likely have several bags and possibly some other stuff, but I do not smell and am very friendly and nice. This will likely be cheaper for me, and will give me some company for at least part of the trip.

A willingness to take me back the same way monday evening is much preferred, but is not strictly necessary.

An alternative! I understand that I am asking a bit from you, and some people actually live in San Jose itself which would make this kind of silly for them (unless theyre willing to drive north and get me from another station?) And so, I offer this alternative. Is anybody willing to pick me up from the station about a mile from the convention center at any point between those times, so at least I dont have to walk?

If anybody is willing to take up this noble quest, please reply to this thread or, better yet, PM me with where you are, where youre willing to pick me up at, when youre willing to pick me up, and what time you want to arrive at the convention on thursday.

Thanks in advance!
Bah! Bah I say! Hardly anybody took any pics of me in my crossplay =(

I was in the dark seifuku with the red ribbon kunai and my hair in braids. If anybody has any decent pics (particularly shots from behind) it would be appreciated.
My friend sent me this game, and all otaku like penguins, right? My high score is 587.6 and my low score (other than zero =P) is 166 something. You'll never beat me! Not without proof! HA!

Have fun ^^
General Anime Chat / Mixx/TP?
November 02, 2003, 10:02:54 PM
Someone tell me, what exactly is wrong with Stu Levy and the manga put out by Tokyo Pop?
General Anime Chat / CALLING ALL OTAKU!
October 28, 2003, 02:14:27 AM
I have just seen a commercial on tv for a cd.

A CD for PuffyAmiYumi.

Now, some of you may know that PuffyAmiYumi is a japanese pop "group" (theres only two of them) and if you dont...well...they are.

Now then, I am extremely excited by this for a number of reasons, and you should be too.

First of all, its a japanese pop group with ads on american television. I, for one, have never even HEARD of anything like this, and that alone is enough to get me excited ^^ However, this is big news folks, and if we play our cards right it could be the start of something even bigger. Seriously, this has the potential to be Sailor Stars on network tv uncut uncencored and SUBTITLED kinda big. This is a first timer for me. Ive heard of JPop being sold domestically before, but that was a long time ago, and almost always in limited release, and never publicised. If this album sells well enough, it could help pave the way for more jpop (and forgien contemporary music in general (you jrockers you XD)) to be sold domestically. This is an excellent time to show your support, people! I say we show them that there IS a pre-established fanbase out here, ready to shell out our hard earned money for the music we love. I say we show them that the american public *IS* ready for forgien music, ESPICEALLY japanese. I also say that the best way to tell them this is to speak with our wallets, as well as our voices. If you like jpop at all, even if you dont particularly like PuffyAmiYumi, go buy the cd! Call up your favourite radio station and request a song from the album (particularly songs that are IN JAPANESE.) KEEP DOING IT untill they play it, and then do it somemore! Tell all your friends and everyone you know, weather on the internet or irl to buy it and request songs too! Tell them what we want! Speak with your wallet, and they will listen, but they cant hear you if you dont say anything. Lets do this and see what happens!