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Just curious. My friends and I want it so that we can carry anything we buy, our props if we get sick of holding them, and somewhere to store our cameras. We would only bring one and we're perfectly fine with letting the staff check it if they want to. We just wanted to ask and see if we can get any answers.

Thanks :)

So this was just an idea that we at KakuiCosplay would like to share with everyone. We are a small cosplay group, but love to meet new people and have fun adventures, so we thought, why not have a gathering?

Our plan for this is so that everyone can meet new people and make friendships, bond over funny games and contests, and of course have fun competing for prizes. This gathering is open to everyone, all cosplayers. Regardless of what you are cosplaying as. We are still formulating the games, contests, and prizes; we are taking suggestions.

FanimeCON '11 @ the left side of the fountain. You will see a Belarus, Belgium or Ukraine cosplayer holding a sign reading "All Cosplayers Welcome!"

Day & Time:
Sunday, May 29 @ 12:30PM

1. Please be kind to everyone (respectful & appropriate)
2. No drugs or alcohol
3. No stealing or fighting
4. General convention rules
5. Have F.U.N

1. Origami Folding
2. Dancing (Single, Group, your best or funniest moves ;D )
3. Trivia (How well do you know anime? Manga? Theme songs? Character quotes?)
4. Hula Hoop (Only if someone wants to bring Hula Hoops)
5. Basic Poker (If we get enough people)

Open to suggestions!

1. Duck Duck Goose
2. Go Fish Card Game
3. Uno Card Game
4. Tag
5. Red Rover
6. Musical Hula Hoops (just like Musical Chairs, but with Hula Hoops) -Only if someone can bring Hula Hoops-

Open to suggestions!


We at KakuiCosplay are donating our things, so we apologize if we don't have enough prizes for everyone. If you would like to donate something, just say so :)

Key Chains

Naruto Uzumaki
Sakura Haruno
Iruka Sensei
Kakashi Hatake
Itachi Uchiha
Metal Ichigo Kurosaki
Metal Rukia Kukuchi
Metal Kon
Glass Rukia Square
Glass Uruhara Square
Rubber Roy Mustang

Cowboy Bebop Wall Scroll
Inuyasha Wall Scroll
Kingdom Hearts Wall Scroll

Naruto Kunai
Squad Three Bleach Armband
Pink & Black Panda Face Mask
Kingdom Hearts Puzzle Box

*** Please be aware that if you come to this gathering, you're giving permission for your appearance in videos & photos taken during the event.*** We might bring along some snacks, such as Onigiri, but you are responsible for your own health.***

- KakuiCosplay :)

Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] Manga, Key chains, Wall Posters...ect.
« on: January 17, 2011, 02:36:55 AM »
 ;D Though I adore all my manga, key chains, and wall posters...I need money for future conventions and to get an apartment with my friend. So, I'm selling everything!


Manga for Sale

(A single book is the following price, you don't have to buy the entire set)

Naruto Series: Books 1-12
$7.95 US

Death Note Series: Books 1-3
$7.99 US

Fullmetal Alchemist Series: Books 1-10 (Double copies of 1 and 8, missing volume 7)
$9.99 US

Bleach Series: Books 1, 2, 6
$7.95 US

Fruits Basket Series: Book: 8
$6.50 US

Key Chains for Sale

Naruto Uzumaki w/ Scroll
$3.00 US

Sakura Haruno w/ Kunai
$3.00 US

Kakashi Hakate w/ Ninja Dog
$3.00 US

Zabuza w/ Sword
$3.00 US

Iruka w/ Headband
$3.00 US

Itachi Uchiha
$3.00 US

Metal Ichigo Kurosaki
$4.00 US

Metal Rukia K.
$4.00 US

Two Metal Kon Charms
$4.00 US

Glass Urahara

Wall Posters for Sale

$10.00 US

$8.00 US

Cowboy Bepop
$10.00 US


Pictures of products coming soon...  :P

Shipping & Handling depends on your location. Pay Pal is the only payment method I'll accept. Please PM me for questions.

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