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Alright, that makes sense! I could probably plug it up with some tape and hot glue at home if that's the case. Thank you!!
I'm going to be bringing a gun prop for the very first time, and I'm not.... fully clear on the rules?? like, do i have to dismantle the gun and remove all the moving parts? where do i get the orange tip? Please advise, I don't want to spend $30 on a prop only to have it not be conworthy
I second the 'no more abusive ships at gatherings' initiative. You can argue all you want that it's not "really" incest, literally everyone reads it as incest. Stridercest and Lalondecest have incest in their names. While legal adults are free to look at whatever they want in the privacy of their own computer, it's irresponsible and immature to expose minors and survivors to abusive ships in a public space. We deserve to enjoy fandom, too.
Yo! I was reading over the guidelines for the dance, and I noticed that there is a 'no prescription medicine' rule. I know that it's to prevent people from sharing painkillers and Xanax and the like, but does that extend to asthma inhalers? I need to use mine every four hours or I'll slowly start to suffocate, so I want to make 110% sure I can bring it with me. I don't want to miss the dance because of my asthma, so could anybody clarify for me so I can make arrangements if necessary?? Thanks!
I might come as punk!Homura, depending on the time!! The Kuroshitsuji gathering is also Sunday @ 12 lol
I agree with Johnny! The area surrounding the convention center is very nice, but the line between the nice areas and the dodgy areas is thin. A lot of homeless people around, too- back in 2014, my friend got her phone stolen and we ended up having to confront a very nasty older woman about it. If you stick to the immediate surroundings of the con and don't wander, you should be fine!! Since it is very hot in May, you may end up spending most of your time inside the convention center, so you shouldn't worry too much. San Jose is a lot safer now than it was when my dad was growing up there in the 80s.
P.S. Cosplay outside the con is actually encouraged. Local shops and restaurants love the extra business they get, and some places offer discounts if you are a con attendee! Everybody loves a well done cosplay.
Forum Games / Re: This or That?
April 03, 2016, 01:00:28 PM
Nintendo, hands-down.
Netflix or Hulu?