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Photoshoot proofs should have been sent out to everyone who we worked with this year at FanimeCon. Please check your inboxes and email and let me know ASAP if you have not received them.

It was a pleasure working with each and every one of you and we hope to work with some of you again next year.

We we also be at Anime Expo 2009, so let us know if you are also going!
Our photographer, Troy Leong will be doing photoshoots this year.
Here's a sample shot of what he did from last year's Fanime.

Feel free to reply to this post (or PM me) and we can work something out timewise if you're interested.  :D

We would like to use select copies from any of the photoshoots for portfolio purposes, but if user requests them to be private we will not publish them.
Most likely they will be done on Saturday morning, Sunday morning/afternoon so it doesn't interfere with any major events/panels.

We are closing our photoshoot slots for now, while we are working out the times. Everyone that has posted prior to this will be scheduled. We might still have spots afterwards, so if you are still interested, please either PM me or leave a message here.

Rinoa & Squall?
Shuyin & Lenne?
Location: ?


Location: ?

Location: ?

Kingdom Hearts group
Location: ?

Character: Marik
Location: cityscape

Location: ?

Please have some idea of poses and locations you want to use ahead of time.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Well this is based off the great feedback I got so far. So what do you guys think? Should the network I am trying to create be more generalized (like so many other sites out there) or attempt to lean more on a site for Bay Area fans?
I'd like to start by apologizing if I am breaking any rules that I am unaware of and please tell me if I have.

I have been working on a personal anime website for sometime now for fun and has grown over the years. I'd like to make it go public and was wondering if there are anyone interested in helping make that possible.
Please PM me if anyone is interested or for more information, and again, I apologize if I have broken any rules.