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Wheee, another limb but would you perhaps have a mini-disc player for sale?
Quote from: echoshadow on May 22, 2012, 09:38:06 PM
Wow, it sure seems like it.
That's just sad. Two days left before the con and not even spreadsheet with "tba" on it.

It kind of reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld. You know the "No soup for you" one. :-\
Pfft hahaha that episode.
But yeah, this is a pain.  I'm volunteering at Clockwork Academy, so I need the schedule to know what panels I want my friends to check in for me.
Quote from: Ecchi ja Nai on May 22, 2012, 09:14:12 PM
I think I'm pricing Mai at $60.  She's huge at 1/6 scale; nearly 11 inches tall!  I think she retailed at around $85.

I know it adds up to be quite a lot, but if anyone out there is looking to pick up all of the Hime/Otome figures, I think I can make a pretty good deal on the four of them.
I haven't seen Otome so I'm less invested in them "/  I'll think about it, but at this point, I don't even know if I'll be there in time for the swap meet either days.
Good luck selling though!   You're pricey but since I've seen the figure before, it's totes worth it if I get the chance to stop by.

Also random but would you by any chance have a minidisc player that you're selling?
Can you give me an estimate on the price of the Mai figure?
Registration / Re: Times to pick up badge
May 22, 2012, 11:42:37 AM
The email should have the hrs for each day then (I hink Thurs is 4 to 8pm)
Registration / Re: Times to pick up badge
May 22, 2012, 05:01:25 AM
Thurs is only open to Pre-Reg -- you should be getting an email in the very near future with hours if you got it. 

Fri, Reg is open at 0800.
Oh awesome, quiz turn in is before my panels xD

This is Yuutousei, who you met last year at Stage Zero!  I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete the quiz (I have a paper and a PSET due both this week and last week so I haven't had time to do more than gloss over the questions) but hopefully I can make a legitimate attempt at the questions.
Uwaaa~ So cute!

Are you planning on swinging by Clockwork Academy as well? My schedule has me there half the day due to volunteerng *sighs*

Regardless your cosplay are awesome and so are the Soot! I'll be on the look out for you when I'm in the main convention hall <3
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB Sailor Moon
May 21, 2012, 03:07:06 PM
If you're willing to wait until july, I might have doujin but that's about it.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB Sailor Moon
May 21, 2012, 01:32:04 AM
Any particular kinds of items?
Ziplock baggie are a must and I definitely suggest bringing allergy meds (last year one of my friends found out she was allergic to something and we were running around looking for stuff for her because my meds are too strong).
Yo.  Yuu here.  Because of other cosplay shenanigans, I don't know if I'll be able to make the Touhou meet this year. I'll give it a shot though :D

@jgavins1 ::: So long as we aren't meeting inside the con proper, then you should be able to meet and hang out.
DMP sent out an email a few days ago to people who subscribe.  They WILL be at Fanime so the Yaoi-con booth and Yaoi Bingo are probably happening.  They will have some sort of announcement re: their move to LA, but I'm not sure if it's going to be in its own panel or not.
I haven't finished Madoka yet so that's on the list.  I'm also starting Sakamichi no Apollon today, and should probably finish Kimi to Boku at some point.  Friends are also urging me to watch Gurren Lagann and Black Lagoon, and I really want to watch Terra E... now that I have the box sets.
It would probably be easier for me to just nab you during the con to deliver then sending, but I'm still able to ship if you want!

You can view most of these items here.
SO things I have to offer:

  • Cosplay
    • Advent Children Tifa's Cosplay (Shoes, Wig, and cosplay all included, worn to try it on) [Asking $150]
  • Manga/Official Books ($5/ea unless otherwise noted)
    • Wings Anthology (Jan-Dec 2005, except for May) [$4/ea, $30 for all 11)
    • Clamp no Kiseki vol? with chess pieces [$10]
    • Arte Stella APH Art Book (no posters) [$20]
    • Fujimi Orchestra 15th Memorial Book [$20]
    • Vampire Princess Miyu manga (JAP), vol?
    • Detective Conan manga (JAP), vol?
    • Itsumo ??? manga (JAP), vol 4 & 5 (sorry I can't read the kanji!)
    • Warrior's Tao manga (ENG), vol1
    • Ze BL manga (ENG), vol3
    • Gokuroku Cafe Shounen-Ai manga (JAP), vol 1 & 2 (COMPLETE) [$7 for the set]
  • Doujin ($7/ea unless otherwise noted)
    • "Touch Me Hold Me Tonight" FMA Doujin (RoyxEd, part of it is a SS, explicit content)
    • "The Melancholy of Roy Mustang" FMA Doujin (I think it's uke!Roy, several pages of SS)
    • Unknown Title, T&B Doujin (KotetsuxBarnaby, mild shounen-ai and some crossdressing)
    • Prussia APH Doujin (the very colorful cover!)
    • PrusxEngxJapan APH doujin (Kiku in the flower bed -- contains explicit material)
    • GerxPrusxJapan APH doujin (Explicit)
    • "Numb" APH Doujin (I think it's USUK but I'd have to go check again "/)
    • Gravitation Remix vol8.5 (KxArk, lots of ASK related BL) [$15]
  • Other Merchandise (All official!)
    • Unknown Model (Brunette Female, it looks like it could be from a mecha series, but it would be one that came out post 2000 'cause I don't recognize it) [$2]
    • Lichtenstein keychain (APH) [$2]
    • CLAMP Chess Pieces [$1.50/ea, buy all three pictured for $3! I might have a White Mokona pawn somewhere too....]
    • Unknown Pencilboard (The crappy picture of two males "/ Sorry no other info) [$2]
    • "Kichiku Megane" mini-poster [$2]
    • FMA Manga Coaster set (Never used, but Roy has popped out of the cardboard "/) [$3]
    • "Our Kingdom"(?) Pencil Board [$2]
    • Hetalia CD -- contains 2 songs and the instrumentals (it came with the first music book) [$3]

Willing to haggle. Sorry it took so long to get everything up.

WTB/WTT: MiniDisc Player (for 3in discs), MiniDiscs, Anything "To Terra..." or "WeiƟ Kreuz"!
...I haven't seen it yet.
That's actually a good question - I didn't submit any BL related panels because I was planning on going to yaoicon hosted ones, but since Yaoicon's been relocated out of the bay....
So back in 2010, a lot of the players ended up in "teams", working on challenges together (I think originally we were going for "partners" but we still ended up in clumps of 4-6).

Anyone want to do that this year?
Quote from: MPLe on May 09, 2012, 07:37:35 PMPlan A is that. Plan B is to make them available at our Info Desk.

We're really trying to go with Plan A as it's just way more convenient. :)

Not to mention that Plan B always seemed to be short one or two (dozen) copies hahaha.
No probs - like I said, it was a bit of a longshot anyways. Thanks though - I'll try and check out your booth come con.