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Its a nice little convention, and I live in the Sacramento area so its never a problem to just take a day trip down there, which is really what its best suited for.

If you can, I would suggest going for a day(Or two if it suits your fancy) because while its certainly no Fanimecon, its good to tide yourself over until the next big con.
As someone who's never been to AX, what's so corrupt about it?
Working tends to drill it out of you a bit, but a lot of introspection about Fanime has ended my PCD with a new lease on life, Fanime is not something constrained to the San Jose Convention center,

*Cheese Mode Engaged*

It lives on, in our hearts.
Quote from: Stormfalcon on May 28, 2013, 12:45:49 AM

The point being is that, while Fanime may be an anime/manga-themed convention, the motto has always been By Fans For Fans.  If the fans are into other stuff besides anime and manga and want to show their love for those things at the same convention, who really has the right to say otherwise?  All it comes down to is some fans indulging in nerdrage and drawing lines that really shouldn't be there, since all they do is divide fans against each other.

This. So much this.

Been going to Fanime for five years now and its never felt like an "Anime only" thing. Sure, its the majority, but the most memorable cosplays I've seen have been non-anime. Last year there were a couple ginormous Transformers costumes that completely rocked and the Mushroom Kingdom SWAT Team kicked all kinds of ass. It's a convention whose underpinnings are definitely more "Fan" than "Anime", but even still, anime cosplay and culture still dominates.

To that end, the Homestuck hatred doesn't seem to be a matter of fandom, but a matter of quantity. The fandom is super popular, so it has a lot more people which means it contains, by rule of numbers, more difficult fans as well. Not to mention that the sheer number of the fans can sometimes create a "Mob mentality", which is where I think most of the Homestuck distaste comes from.

It really is the flavor of the month, though. Once Homestuck starts to lose popularity or end it will fall into place with the other fandoms and people will forget about all this. It happened to the Naruto fans, it happened to the Bronies, and now its happening to you.

You have my sympathies, but rest assured, the discrimination will weather with time. I wouldn't be surprised if the Homestucks got much more respect next year.
General Convention Discussion / Re: Good feedback
May 28, 2013, 07:51:15 PM
Despite the construction, I loved the organization this year. You guys are getting real good at traffic flow; moving around the convention was easier than ever. Gotta love the big blue tent, too.
I maintain that despite the many hiccups Fanime had this year, it's still the people that make it what it amazing, and in that respect it was just as magical this year. The construction sucked, but at least we'll have a cool new addition to the convention center to play with next year.
But still, my sympathies go out to all those who had trouble with the registration lines and Black and White Ball trouble, that kind of stuff can really put a damper on the con and I consider myself extraordinarily lucky I found out about the Double Tree registration.
Shout out to my Portlandian neighbors on the fourth floor of the Fairmont who brought me a churro. Met you at the ball, you were both really cute and I loved your Stocking cosplay.

"Bring us the churros and wipe away the debt," Made my weekend.
Live Programming and Events / Artist Alley Rumor
April 30, 2013, 12:11:45 AM
Word on the street is that the Artists Alley is getting moved to outside the Convention Center; I don't know if its just a rumor or not, hoping someone here could shed light on the matter.

Thank you.
Fragrance of Dark Coffee-Gyakuten Meets Orchestra
Guns and Roses-Paradise Lunch

I'll post more as I think of them.