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Do people need to print out the e-card or can it be scanned on a smart phone?
I had no idea there was even one this year. Just assumed since the construction they cancelled it. :o
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Booked already??
November 13, 2013, 07:22:54 PM
Kinda wish they would notify the fans more about Fanime 2014. : /
Normally there is some sort of message sent out about any process they have begun by now, or an hint of a date when the site will go live.
Did they ever figure out Goku's actual power level?
I was a great turn out, and everyone enjoyed themselves. SO much so they all rushed to the bathroom when it ended :D
To be quite honest I hear more about break ups during FanimeCon O_O
A friend of mine had to deal with his sister breaking up with her bf during Fanime last year.

Also every year you do hear about proposals at Fanime. I believe last year's was at a Hetalia gathering and one was this year at Masquerade.

Personally for me though I dragged my fiance into this magical world of cosplay. It's strengthened our relationship, and we look forward every year to going.
San Jose was once nominated Safest City in the US before :o
Although this year it has had some incidents, it is still a really great city.
I've lived here all my life, and FanimeCon by far is the most interesting experience one can have in this city.
This is the second year my husband and I have decided to get a room. We really love The Fairmont Hotel.
Huge room
Really friendly staff (when my husband demanded something he got it!)
Clean room
Couch, Vanity, and nice table
Bar (Haven't had a drink there yet)

TV remote was terrible (It never wanted to work)
No mini fridge
Needed more towels (the hotel is very big on being Eco-friendly)
Pool is kinda small, but always filled with loud people. You can hear them from the 8th floor.
It is a little scary at night especially with all the homeless along the sidewalk.
ELEVATORS!!! It seems like every year it's worse with the elevators.

I really love this hotel. It's nice and spacious and also very romantic. Lots of good places to have photo shoots. More pricey and little distance, but I always have a good night sleep every night.

It still was pretty cool!
Plus it was a fantastic performance by Rookiez is Punk'd!!! I didn't sit down once.
I would love to~
I love both Code Geass and X
I always like to watch all the videos posted to relive the con experience. Also look into cosplay gatherings during the year. There was one in the winter time last year in Christmas In The Park, and also a spring gathering before Fanime started.
I like it ^^
very simple and covers all the points about Fanime.
I'm kind of in awe about how many people are upset by this year. I thought this year was waaaaaaaaay better than last year.
However, there were things I am disappointed about.
Line Con otherwise known as PRE-REG BADGE PICK UP!!! It was almost as bad as last year. This is always the biggest problem and it is terrible. Get it together Fanime! You know you have thousands of people giving you their money for the con, and all the line is doing is wasting time. I wasn't going to Double Tree when I'm staying at the Fairmont.....I heard they waited 10 minutes while I waited almost 8 hours!?!?!
I was kind of upset about the panels as well. Didn't make any sense to have a small panel room at the Fairmont and then have huge crowds at the Marriott. I wanted to go to back to back panels but there was no way I could run in full cosplay from hotel to hotel. Every panel I went to this year I went an hour early to wait in line.

The Cosplay Spectacular otherwise known as Masquerade in a bad way. Lots of people are sad that Rick Myers has been MIA. I love him and Evil Bunny. In protest last year my husband and me didn't go, and I had to watch it on youtube. This year we got to see a few skits toward the end because we heard rumors about how terrible black and white ball was. The MC is good for the Opening ceremonies and Closing ceremonies. I feel like he was really unprepared for the role. You don't spring an event of that size on a speaker who is use to a group of people and on going walkers in the background. Also it seemed like some acts weren't as fun or interesting like previous years.

Other than that I thought Fanime was really fun. I plan to continue to go for years to come.
My husband is a photographer and he got really upset this year because Homestuck was everywhere! They had the hugest gathering in the park, two huge panels, and within a one foot radius was one Homestuck character everywhere we went. ( I joke not about that)
Personally I don't mind, but I admit it kind of over shadows the anime aspect of FanimeCon. But like our con's motto " By Fans For Fans", all aspects of anime,cartoons, and series culture are invited.
I think eventually the Homestuck Phenomenon will eventually die down in a few years, or perhaps not *insert Dr. Who *
With that being said we have no right to judge what people decide to cosplay as. I don't like Homestuck at all, but I give them props for even taking the time to dress up. As long as they treat others with respect that's great.
Maybe they can make their own con :P
Sounds great I think it will be very interesting. ^^
Quote from: davidnguyen408 on February 11, 2013, 09:25:31 AM
I would love to see FLOW come back
I agree with my husband!!! :D
I treasure ll my signatures and my photo <3
Unrealistic but would be sooooooo awesome!
Asian Kung Fu Generation
T.M Revolution

Realistic because they have performed at cons

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Not sure because she is going on tour)
FLOW (Come on they should be Fanime's house band!!! They said in interviews they would come back over and over again!!!! T^T)

For Sure They Would Do It

Vocalekt Visions (They put on a decent show)
These are just some of my suggestions, and sorry if I repost some that have been already said. Just means that they are that important ^^

Always check the weather before Fanime. One year it did sprinkle here in SJ. So bring maybe a mini umbrella.

If your costume or cosplay requires make up make sure you brig your pallet of it. Also bring a compact mirror and printed picture of the cosplay. ( I meet a Azure Kite cosplayer who didn't have his make up to do the markings and forgot how to draw them)

Always bring back up shoes!!! There will always be times you will want to switch shoes, especially girls wearing heels. It's a lot of walking and if you go dancing you want comfortable appropriate dancing shoes.

If your staying in a hotel bring a lock for your suitcase. You will definitely want to lock up the valuables you aren't able to carry to the convention.

I usually bring my own pillow and blanket when I stay at hotels. It's just for comfort because sometimes the pillows in the hotels aren't the best. Also if you plan on having extra people in the room tell them to bring pillows an blankets in case all the roll away beds are taken.

Last but not least is DO YOUR RESEARCH! There is all kinds of things to do at Fanime. It runs 24hrs throughout the weekend. It's best to know all the locations of where you want to go, or need to be. Some locations have changed in recent years due to our conventions construction. So always look on the site,fb,twitter, or whatever for updates. Also look into coupons, eateries, drug stores, and things you might magically need during the weekend. :D
Registration / Re: Lines on Day 0
January 25, 2013, 01:14:35 PM
Quote from: YaoiCat on January 25, 2013, 12:44:46 PM
Awesome, thanks!  Has anyone waited in the pre-reg line on Friday before?  I'm curious to know if it's still a super-long death march or not, lol

Im pretty sure people have waited early friday morning for pre-reg. Last year though because of the power outage some people thought it would be better to come back friday morning. So last years line was wrapped along the  building and bleed into the sidewalk by the Hilton :o