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note: I had the same panel last year, it was really great (a LOT of people were taking notes too!). I am hosting it again this year, and encourage all who are interested to come by and check it out.

I'm thinking of making a panel about people who are thinking of going to artist alley, or have only gone to a few sittings in Artist Alley. It's also a panel to filter out whether or not it is worth it to sit behind artist alley, in hopes of getting people in future conventions whom I think deserved to sit there but did not get in because it was filled by someone else who just decided to get a table for no particular reason. Also, tips and tricks on surviving the day.

Just to back up that I'm not bluffing about the topic, I've been behind artist alley since 2004, and it's not just anime cons.

It's not a super 'this is how you start' kind of panel (you can always look that stuff up online), it's a panel about a lot of really bad experiences I've seen or had that people STILL go through (especially noobies). Stuff like health problems, people bugging you at tables and art abuse, which tables/cons are best for what kind of artwork, which conventions are recommended to go to, easy shopping list, and common mistakes and solutions. Artist Alley is like survival of the fittest--if you can survive everything I said in the panel I plan to present, then you're good to go. If not, you're gonna end up with a broken ego :D

Like last time, there will be a printed booklet that includes some basic stuff I talked about, and some other stuff to keep in hand. This time I will include a receipt template that can be xeroxed and cut out whenever you need it, a before-con checklist, and hmm...any suggesstions?
Registration / Artist alley and Pre-Reg
November 05, 2010, 01:21:39 PM
Do I have to buy a seperate ticket if I want to buy a table at artist alley (like, I have to buy a pre-registration ticket along with artist alley table, or do I just have to get the table)?