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Im from San Jose so me and my husband know all the local eateries. However, I remember last year he was whinning because he wanted a churro, and I told him no lol
Quote from: GokuMew2 on January 25, 2013, 12:37:00 AM
Quote from: Saki Usagishi on January 24, 2013, 03:49:49 AM
Food....I'm glad I never eat at the Con. Heard that food was over $6 a piece.

Sorry, this had me chuckling. Living in Japan, this is like, the average price for a filling lunch, LoL.

Lol it is kinda funny, but a $6 churro would not fill anybody for a whole day O_O ( nor is it healthy to eat once a day)
In America $6 at a McDonald's is a filling lunch.
America and his cheeseburgers :3
Registration / Re: Lines on Day 0
January 25, 2013, 12:47:07 AM
Day 0
This will be my 5th year attending this day of doom!
I waited in that line 4 times and I will continue to wait in it until I die!!!
But in all seriousness it is a choice if you want to wait in the line or not. It's better if you come an hour or 2 earlier than the opening time. I always try to atleast >,<
I have even had friends who came earlier than that to camp out to wait.
It's a pretty interesting experience to say the least. I've always chatted with new people while waiting and you always get a few laughs. Like for example: people rolling on chairs in line, cosplayers in line, a game of tag, in line gaming, randomly yelling, random music, pass the beach ball, watch the rover take away the beach ball, knitting, eating, drinking, rock paper scissors, videotaping, and playing the how long will I wait in this line this year game!!!

Like they say all good things come to those who wait.
Once that badge is your hand the magical weekend begins.
( actually when opening ceremony starts it begins but you see my point ^^)
First Off Happy 2013!!!
This is going to be a long post about 2012 from me!!! So sorry in advanced! T^T

*Really good turn out of cosplays.
*Good use of space during the construction of our convention center and near by areas.
* THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK THE POCKET GUIDE!!! That was fantastic! Do it again for 2013!!!
* Liked how the Black and White Ball was in a huge space. Lots of dance room and space to chat.
*Good after hours entertainment.
*Liked the sewing room to fix cosplay, and just to have a breather.

Negatives: ( This where things get detailed! c:)
*Day Zero.....That was just a huge nightmare like always but OH MY GOKU!!! 2012 was the worst ever pre-reg badge pick up. I know it wasn't all Fanime's fault, but it was just unacceptable. The line on Thursday was crazy long like every year, but 2012 you waited even longer because first was system crash and then power outage. Definitely recommend that 2013 they prepare for the worst and maybe make more lines than just one huge long one. (side note: happy that they kept passing the badges to please the masses, and passed out free water bottles to keep us hydrated. Thank you!)

*Music Fest....I can't even describe it because I saw no point in going because it was that bad. You had FLOW for 2 years come and perform!!! FLOW!!!! Me and my husband went to watch the Hatsune Miku Concert near Psycho Donuts to be entertained, and paid $15 each to see it! The Miku people said Fanime didn't want them to perform in concert. I expect Fanime to top itself every year with amazing singers. Fanime has had numerous well known and loved performers in the past, and just was unbearable. Bring FLOW back!!! At least they will entertain me, rather than some clown throwing crackers (idk I heard he threw crackers into the audience)

*Locations... A couple of things moved around in 2012. The swap meet was held in the Fairmont which seemed like a bad move because: lots of people didn't know where it was, what room it was located, and the room was very cramped. (There was two guys with a sign to show where but they seemed to mostly goof off and talk and then occasionally yell "swap meet go here!!!") Secong switch was the Black and White Ball. Normally it's held in the Fairmont ,where I stayed, so me and my husband walked the halls all over in out spiffy attire to find it with other couples. We asked everyone and their mother (literally) where the ball was. We used smart phones to call friends and check updates on the website. Finally a friend said it was across the street. The only way you would have found it was by the balloons attached to posts, and sadly lots of people took the balloons. When we left the ball later on we had to direct a lot of couples how to get there. ( side note: One of my friends from a friend couldn't enter because of her shoes. I'd just like to point out we all can't be Cinderellas and make glass slippers appear. SO if you say flats are ok don't suddenly change your mind.) Also another thing I didn't like was how confusing it was to find the coslay gatherings. I had no clue where they were located. I saw a board in the sewing room with times and stuff, but even the operator of that room couldn't help me find the gathering I wanted (lolita tea party?). It was really hit or miss. Which made my husband, the photographer, grumpy because the one gathering he wanted to see he couldn't find at all O_O

Food....I'm glad I never eat at the Con. Heard that food was over $6 a piece. Kinda sad though that they didn't have coupons for near by places like they did in 2011.

Hotels....2012 was mine and my husband's first time staying at a hotel for Fanime because we actually live in San Jose O - O
We wanted to experience the night life rather than going back and forth from families homes and wasting gas. No problems with the hotel really. Just minor miscommunication on check in, but it was ok. The elevator was hell on Monday for everyone I think. One thing that was kinda bad was how the baggage hold line for one of the hotels bleed into the bottom level of the convention. It was terrible being pushed and shoved trying to exit a side door to the street.

ROVERS...Most of them are very polite and helpful, but some of them are You would ask them a question and they just wouldn't have any idea in the world. Some of them were real jerks though. I know that badge checking is necessary but if your hurting the person yanking on the badge to forcibly take it out of the sleeve O_O Also I didn't like the weird questioning at the dances. Like: "what's your first name, last name, badge name?", "How many fingers am I holding up?", "2+2=?", and more crazy questions. Not everyone drinks before the dance so I don't think there should be like a makeshift alcohol test with random questions. Just card people like hentai nights, and take away their food and liquids.

Artist Alley... There was good artists there, but it wasn't as great as years before. I remember seeing a couple of empty tables there. I talked to the amazing Jeff Thomas, creator of Pon and Zi, and he said he was super lucky he got a table! His stuff is famous!!!! I just think it could of had more artists. I even seen some people sitting on the floor near walls trying to sell their artwork because they weren't able to get a table.

Timing....I found myself trying to kill time a lot during Fanime 2012. I had to wait usually a couple hours for a panel or video room I wanted to see. Then on the other hand I was literally torn between choosing which to miss to do something else. I do recommend that autograph sessions be schedule like an hour or 2 after the Guests panel because I know I would want to hear what they say, but then go wait I want to get them to sign my book too!!!!

Just some last thoughts to sum up 2012.

2012 was good, but to me it just wasn't great. It wasn't on par with the previous years. It felt like it just wasn't organized right. Things were really late all around. I wish that they had more well known guests and more descriptions of their work. The music has to be higher grade artists again. FanimeCon is known for being one of the largest anime conventions, and it needs to own up to that title. If it doesn't step up it's game it will loose con goers to AX, or even dare I say it SacAnime.(Never been to either but AX is supposed to be the best, besides Fanime, and SacAnime is starting to get bigger) I really want 2013 to be the best, and know you all do to! Me and my husband even say 10 years down the road we want to take our kids there to enjoy it together >3<
So keep making it better!!! <3

Mod edit: dance terminology
I was about your age when I first went too!!!

1. How do I register and how much? and this year looks like it will be $50 for pre-reg. It usually will go up when it gets closer to Fanime so buy your badge as soon as you can. it better if i go with a group?
I think it makes it more fun if you do it with close friends the first time because you get to learn and experience it together. Later on if you decide you want to go solo that's ok too. There will always be conflict in what to see or do so expect times where you might have to do things by yourself.

3. what hotels do you recommend to stay in that's not over price?
Fanime has their own booking system so you go threw them. They open there hotel reservations the same time as badge registration this year for 2013. It depends how you do it. If you have roommates that split the costs or how many days of the con are you willing to stay take into matter how much it will cost. I recommend though staying close to the con if it's your first year. You get to see all the night action.

4. Do i need to cosplay?
It's up to you ^^
It's fun to dress up, but if you don't want to then that's perfectly fine.

5. I am 16 do i need to have adult with me to enter?
No. You may need a parents approval letter and your school id to pick up your badges though. Also keep in mind after 10 pm a lot of the things open at the con are 18+

6. what should i do or not do while i'm there?
Read up on the rules! It's always good to know what's allowed or not.
Do research on food locations. You always want to make sure you are not starving and dehydrated at a convention. There have been incidents where people have gotten sick by not taking care of that.
Look for updates on the website.
Be ready for anything! Things can get really crazy.
Always get sleep and shower.
Be polite to others.
Have fun!

7. is this worth it?
It usually is. Each year at Fanime is a different experience. :D
I'm kinda looking forward to it. I really love dressing like a Gothic Lolita, and as to seeing what new cosplay will be inspired. Honestly though hardly anyone matches the theme. If they do then it's unintentional or they liked the concept (rarely)
I think 2013 will be like all the other years: Cosplay as whatever they want or have available lol
There is a lot of Gothic fairytale anime . Also its up to the individual to as how they describe "Gothic" or "fairytale".

Hitting on an old topic:
Having older anime themes? I think that would be tricky especially here in America. People in my age group would think Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball was old. The generation now thinks that Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece (The Big Three) are getting old. That is sad O_O