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I might bring happy mask man back before he gets a complete remake.
given the rerelease of MM

I was the one last year >_<
I'll be beast boy and my roomie is going to be terra.
given that the LoL and DA gathering dont collide with this one D:
i was arishok at the sacanime panel. ill be there our panel will too
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
January 19, 2015, 04:55:39 PM
room found. idk how to delete. ignore this lol
Hotel and Facilities / Need a room!!
April 06, 2014, 11:48:22 AM
+ Intro: Hey. How's it going? My name is James Y, I'm 20 (will be 21 on May 6th). Male. The only convention I've been to is SacAnime, which is a pretty small local con. I''ve been itching to go to a bigger con such as Comic Con or Anime Expo, but yikes!! They're super booked, and the cost to get down to LA/San Diago...ouch. I'm fine with any rooming arrangements, such as sleeping on floor, yadda yadda. I'm very respectful of whoever I'm staying with. Just lay down any rules and I'll adhere to them, (we're all at these cons to have fun, drama isn't needed yo lol) I do smoke cigarettes, and probably will drink a little bit, but if however, you have any problem with those whatsoever, I will completely be respectful to that, as it is I who is the guest in your room. I am a Sacramento local, so if you are driving and you have room (or if my car is big enough for all of us) I will help to pay gas and cut down the costs further. I will pay for my own badge, food, yadda yadda. I am not picky on the bathroom/showering situation, and I clean after myself very much so. I do wish to stay up pretty late, but if you don't that's fine, again your rules! I realize that, let's say you're all females, I know some people get concerned in this area, but for last SacAnime I roomed with my frinds I met over summer, Sabrina and Stephanie. I beleive this kind of thing should be a worry, because again we're only at the convention to have fun!

+ Hotel: IDC, as long as it's close to the con!

+Requirements: that would be up to whoever the room's under! I'm fine with whatever you guys are!

+Contact: you can message me at this is the best way to reach me as I check my email constantly throughout the day. I will give you my personal number and/or skype if we get to talking!

+Misc: You need not worry about me flaking, My roomie for SacAnime flaked recently, and ugh! I know what that's like :\ lol I hope to go from the thursday before, until the sunday it ends. I will happily chip in for the gas (if you're driving and wish to carpool) both ways!

The only thing I'd personally ask, is some skyping, you know chit chatting about each other, cause I know (unfortunatly) there's some sketchy peeps out there :\

Anyway, please hit me up if you have room and want to cut down the costs of your stay!

Also friends are always welcome,
should you ONLY want me to stay to cut down your costs, that's totally fine!
but I know some peeps like myself get really shy, especially when there's thousands of people there!

Thank you :)

Edit: I forgot to mention I'm a photographer, (not professional, but enthusiast) I'm doing photoshoots at SacAnime, And I can offer some at Fanime. Also I just started playing Ukulele, so you will have free waikiki hawaiian tunes :)