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If there is no official English version of an anison, may I sing the English lyrics I wrote myself for the song for the karaoke contest?
I've never been to the swap meet as a seller or buyer before, and I have a few questions:

1. I'm on the main list for Thursday, but due to work and transportation, I might not be able to make it to the Swap Meet until around 8pm.  Will I lose my spot to someone on the waitlist if I can't make it by around 7pm?  If so, should I still go and try my luck for a spot on Thursday?  It's an hour's drive each way for me.

2. On Friday, I'm on the lower half of the wait list.  Does this mean I most likely won't get a spot and should just make other plans?  If I still want to try for a spot, do I need to wait at the Swap Meet for 2,3 hours until a spot opens up for me, or can I just show up around 10pm to see if there's almost a spot for me?

3. If some sellers leave at around 11pm on Friday, and I manage to get a full spot, do I need to pay the full $20 or can I get a discount rate?  I assume there will be a lot less buyers from 11pm to 1am, and I only have a couple of hours to sell things.

4. I'm a petite girl, and I was wondering if I can bring a large plastic bin on wheels to help me carry stuff?  I think it might allow me to carry everything in one go.  The bin I have looks something like this:

Thank you for your time.
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2010
April 09, 2010, 01:28:37 AM
Shitsure itashimasu.

I was wondering if the last minute try-out on April 10th at 9:00am is still happening.  My friend and I are interested in attending the try-out.  I've sent a couple of emails in the past week, but I haven't received a reply yet. 

Thank you for your time.