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If i would have known this months before i would have totally brought Masato but he won't be able to fit into my suitcase now.  If I can I'll definitely stop by to take pictures
Naw, I don't mind the change of time.
Thank you everyone that's replied. I'm actually excited to try out any if not all these food places! Hoo yeah!!!!
phr34kish: oh gah you made my mouth water. Definitely going to have make sure I go to the tandoori oven for sure!

Thanks for the input!

I'm flying in out of state and attending fanime for the first time this year and I'm curious about the food accommodations. 

What are some of the best fast food or even restaurant places to eat at in San Jose? (that are in the downtown/near the convention area)

I've seen the list provided by Fanime's main site...I would just like to hear what you personally find tasteful and delicious!!!!
Flying in from Nebraska
I'll go ahead and vote for the park!
I'm bringing Prince Gumball.
I'll be bringing Connor Kenway
I'll have several friends coming along (or forcefully coming along)--who are going to be Connor, Haytham and George Washington.
I'm going to be bringing Prince Gumball from Adventure Time, I'll see if I can stop by this gathering. ^^
I'm planning on bringing Adult Toph, I'll cross my fingers and hope to attend the gathering.
I'm planning Ion Fortuna and accompanying me will be Esther, I'll see what I can do about getting us to come to the we will be traveling from afar to attend our first Fanime (we'll be lost pretty much where we go).
But this sounds fun and I hope we can go!