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^nope, chuck testa. I am doing this due to personal enjoyment in my "weekend"
<sorry for your pain Brother/sister. i know the feeling.
>I know of 2 fabric shops in sonoma county, an hour north of san fran, idk how far you want to go north darkmoonlitstar. but none the less, Goat tacos for dinner!
V What was your most recent "exotic" meal? exotic being something you do not consider normal food.
^ I honestly think it will actually be a toss up because everyone is awesome. :3
<I love this game. It makes you think hard on what is in the happening for all communities.
>yes it is my first post on this forum (ironically this is my 66th forum I am/have been a part of) but not my last
V what do you think we, as a community, can do to make the world a better place for one and all?