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Hey, Guys! I was the host of the 2017 Voltron Panel and I'm hoping to do so once again!

This time, instead of the morning, it'll take place in the evening (but not too late for our younger Paladins out there ;).

The plan is to have this on Saturday, with a 2-hour slot. Hoping to do it from 4-6pm, but we'll apply for the closest time slot to that.

Requirements: As for now, I'll just need to know you're interested. If you have the cosplay finished that's bonus points for the audition. This is a PJ panel so the canon outfit isn't needed. By December, if you're accepted, I'll ask around to see if everyone has an idea of what PJs they'll be wearing. PS: I'm "auditioning" characters that have more than one person applying for them (auditioning being like answering questions in character because like I ain't making video audition I ain't like that man).


Auditioning: ps you can still apply to be this character but know you'll have to answer questions for me :)


Whoops forgot to put my contact info!
-messaging me here works
-Instagram @heyoitsmii
-email [email protected]
-Facebook @Mii Angeles

Feel free to contact me using any of these :)
HEY GUYS! We just got accepted!
Oh, Quiznak, Fanime is just around the corner!

Hiya! I'm hosting the Voltron Panel in this coming Fanime 2017! We'll be shooting for a two hour slot, for a Q&A session, then some challenges and games

We have gotten accepted and our panel will be held in Room 2, May 28 (Sunday) from 9AM to 11AM!

Here are the list of characters and their availability:
-Shiro (TAKEN)
-Pidge (TAKEN)
-Keith (TAKEN)
-Hunk (TAKEN)
-Lance (TAKEN)
-Allura (TAKEN)
-Coran (TAKEN)
-Others: If you wanna audition as other characters that are not listed, then feel free to! The more the merrier!

If interested in joining, DM me! or contact me on instagram @hiya.its.mii or email [email protected]