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Application Submitted! See you all there.
The Official Overwatch gathering for 2019.

Raxnam was afraid he wouldn't make it this year so I offered to host again.

Day : TBD
Time : TBD
Meeting Place (MP) : TBD
Location (L) : TBD

The group facebook page:
The Event page:

This post will update once the form has been submitted and approved.

Let us know who you plan to cosplay!
i don't know if you noticed but you linked last years event.
I'll be there as Project Leona. I'll also be bringing and Project Vayne and two Project Jhins.

If you'd be interested in joining our group let me know!
I'll be there as Glam Moira if I can manage it!
Friday isn't that full on gathering right now might have less conflicts with other people's plans if we go for Friday?
Hi there i'll be there as either Genderbend Mccree or Magical Girl Genji!!!
If you are unable to host the gathering this yea i would interested in hosting it. I was asked by the War Table to see if i could host the event.