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I just wanted to say thank you Fanime for holding one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I had been looking forward to possibly seeing Home Made at some point in my life, but that was seriously one of the best concerts I've ever had the pleasure of attending. Home Made was awesome and they seemed to genuinely enjoy their time at the con and watching them interact with the audience was great. The attitude felt like it carried over into the autograph session and pictures as well. If you can, please bring them back again like you did with Flow. Maybe not next year, but some other con in the future. That would be amazing!
General Convention Discussion / Lost and Found
June 28, 2012, 12:01:13 AM
So, I've tried emailing the lost and found section several times and haven't had any response. I lost my jacket on the last day of Fanime and would love to get it back if Fanime still has it. Can someone please get back in touch with me about it, that would be great.
General Convention Discussion / Lost: Jacket
May 29, 2012, 11:51:38 AM
Forgot my jacket at the Gainax panel. I'm sure Fanime staff/Convention Center has it. It's a cream color jacket with a hood.
Ideas and Suggestions / Battle of the Bands
May 28, 2012, 08:04:44 PM
I am sure this has been brought up before, but I would love to see a battle of the bands event here the same way AX does theirs. It would be a great addition to the musical acts you guys bring to Fanime, and you can never have too much good music. This might something to consider for next year.
Gaming / Adventure Games
March 07, 2011, 12:38:11 AM
Dunno how many old school graphic adventure gamers there are (Gabriel Knight, King's Quest, Monkey Island, etc.), but I thought I would bring up a topic for it since I have been on an adventure gaming kick for the past couple weeks. I recently got Gemini Rue and Gray Matter, both of which are fantastic games. I have been completely enthralled with their stories. What's everyone's favorites?

My personal fave: Gabriel Knight. It's one of my favorite adventure games ever made. I keep praying for a fourth game in the series.
General Anime Chat / The End of Fullmetal Alchemist
June 10, 2010, 10:49:25 PM
Not sure if this is the right place to do it, but this is the best place I could find. I thought I would create a topic for the ending of FMA. For many, I'm sure, it has been one of the premiere manga/anime to make its way to the states. The first FMA anime was a milestone for anime in America and garnered a huge following. It's also one of the few series so immensly popular that it has warranted two series, the second series, Brotherhood, which uses a good chunk of story we had already seen from the original anime. With FMA coming to an end in manga form, and soon to be followed in Brotherhood, it's that feeling of something epic coming to an epic end. People may laugh, but many of us know what it's like when a series finally ends after so long. And the manga lasted nine years. That's a long time for a series to go on. And I think many will agree that FMA was one of, if not the, best series to come out in the 2000's.

So this is my farewell to such a great series. Perhaps we'll see more of Ed and Al in the future, but I would like to think that their story is truly at an end now. Let us hope that Hiromu Arakawa has more fantastic adventures of the likes of FMA in store. Until then, thank you Ms. Arakawa for such a wonderful adventure, one that will never be forgotten.