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Here is mine for Pokémon Black:

Dante - 1248 8568 3934

I'll create a master list in this original post for everyone so we don't have to dig through all the replies.  Go ahead and reply with your Friend Codes and let's all have a good rumble!
I seriously doubt it.  But then again, I don't know how rigid the staffers here are versus the cons in the Northwest.  Not to mention we don't have protestors showing up.

I decided to cosplay the Old Spice Man, Dante version with a Yatta cosplay underneath.  I saw a crowd of congoers in front of the protestors, and couldn't help but pose in front the attendees.  Shortly after, I was informed by a fellow attendee that a staffer had written my badge number down.  Should I be concerned?  As I stated above, I doubt it.  But, I encourage staffers to reply in this thread with an explanation.