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May 22, 2014, 10:53:33 PM
I have to say to the entire registration team you guys did an awesome job today.

The only real reason for people to complain is if the group leader wasn't in line when registration started. But in the end with there being no lines that ended up being a non issue.

The only group that might not have been happy is the swap meet. I think they got slammed due to everyone having their badges.
I will be impressed if all goes as planned. It sounds like you guys have worked hard to improve your process.

Thank you!

One question comes to mind. With the fancy printers and all of the computers how much power will this system use?
you may want to do what Eric told me to do yesterday.
Thanks Eric, I've sent an email.
So I and my family also prereg'd at the end of last years convention. I just received an email from Fanime that our information has been entered into the database. 

As I went into the system to check it out I just want to make sure that I can click on "Accept Terms and Conditions" and not be charged again.


Quote from: SOawesomeness on February 03, 2014, 03:12:01 PM
Q: I Pre-registered at the convention last year and was wondering how I am able to confirm that.

A: FanimeCon's Pre-Registration from the last day of FanimeCon 2013 accounts will be loaded into the server soon.

Will we receive an email when this is done? And this will be done prior to housing going live, right?
They haven't gone yet right?
Just want to say "Thanks!" and that was fast :)
So last year we registered on the last day of Fanime. I just saw that one of the registrations is good. The other two we accidentally put the wrong email address. How can we correct this?
Yes, we did register and paid that last day, but as far as I can tell we are not in a group. I normally pick up all of the tickets. Additionally two more people would like me to purchase and pick up their badges.
Hi, so I registered on the last day last year. I need my account so that I can register additional people. Also I need to link two other people that registered last year so that I can pick up their badges too.