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Friday: Piko Utatane from Vocaloid  I had a giant usb chord haha.
Saturday: Misty from Pokemon Only one with Togepi and a wig that was styled.
Sunday: Rock Lee from Naruto Only crossplay girl Lee on this day, had taped arms and the Chuunin jacket/vest thing.
I'll be there as Misty (as long as nothing catastrophic happens while I finish styling the wig >.<)
I shall be there as some sort of form of a casual Piko Utatane~

Although I might be late because of the WVD01 performance on stage zero at 5 >.<
Quote from: Moogleborg on May 11, 2013, 07:48:51 PM
Coming as original series Rock Lee! :D

I'll be there as Lee as well, probably Shippuden (but there is little difference lol). I shall also be accompanied by a lovely Shippuden Sakura-chan~~ <3
Quote from: c2chaos on February 22, 2013, 01:26:59 AM
Quote from: CatToy on February 21, 2013, 12:14:26 PM
What was the AOD playlist?

During the World Vocaloid Dance 01 Performance, it was: "Baby Maniac," "Heart Shooter," "Magnet," and "Galaxias!"
For the concert itself, the songs were " Two-Faced Lovers," Eazy Dance," "Remote Control," "Tornado," "Arirang," "Neutrino," "Freely Tommorrow," "Panda Hero," "Summer Festival," and "Nekomimi Switch." Also, the encore song was "World's End Dancehall."

Actually, after 'Arirang' was 'Umbrella' (both SeeU) and the encore song was 'Senbonzakura' (Miku). :) Other than that it looks like you've got the rest of the setlist right.

Quote from: LoneKagamine on February 22, 2013, 02:55:09 AM
They are having a free event in Japantown SF on March 2nd for the English Gumi release.
Also the Gumi event in Japantown is on the 3rd not the 2nd, I would hate for people to make plans and not be able to go because of misinformation... :(

*not in character* I don't even know half of the characters in this panel! ;A; I'm going to have to go watch the anime (finally) and reread the manga...
Anyways~ Its great to see so many people in the panel.  :D
Ah, I may be able to come to this now~ :D
If Shounen Jump doesn't run too late I'll change to my Lizzy cosplay and join everyone.  :-*
So I'll most likely be there as Piko (magnet, maybe casual). It depends on Stage Zero stuff so I can confirm later~ :D
Hopefully nobody gets lost as well...

(When I finally confirm I'll also give a list of my friends who will also be coming).
Why is this gathering just a half hour before Shounen Jump?! ;A;
I wanted to bring my Bleach cosplay to SJ, *sigh* hopefully I can manage a quick change and still bring both characters to their gatherings >.<

Anyways, are we going to be doing any battle shots? Those are always fun haha. Other than that I can't think of any ideas at the moment for photo's that aren't basic (like Konohagakure, Senseis, Genin/Chuunin, Sunagakure... ect).
*ahem* (terrible fake-British-accent) I think we should do some dancing~, dibs on Ciel!  :-*

*cough* On a more serious note, are we going to have seating arrangements? I'm a little OCD when it comes to things like these, I over plan almost everything... >.<

(Oh and I don't know if I posted yet but I can come [as Lizzy], CommandantCat) :)
(Shippuden) Rock Lee shall try his best to be there! ;D
And will be dragging a Shippuden Sakura-chan with me~ (kohai.brichan.sano, is her forums name)
Panels and Workshops / Re: Bleach Fan Panel.
February 07, 2012, 05:37:31 PM
M'kay, if I have time I'll aim to be there as Captain~. :D
Well seeing that this is still pending I can't promise that I can actually be there yet... But I'll send in an app anyways~. :)
Panels and Workshops / Re: Bleach Fan Panel.
February 05, 2012, 06:55:46 PM
So, lets hypothetically say that this isn't going to make me push for time for any costume change... What costume would you prefer me in Pika? I'll have casual and captain with me.  ;D
Hehe so from the looks of it I'll be there as casual Toshiro~ ^.^
Now time to see if I can convince a friend to do Karin for me lol.
Sadly I can't come as Lizzy anymore (this gathering is too close to the SJ gathering), but if SJ ends early I may come and crash the party as casual Toshiro~ :P
Sorry guys, make sure you have an awesome photoshoot! ^.^
I will be actually carrying a soccer ball around the whole time if I'm casual! :D  It would be so funny if we had a Karin too lol.
(Casual is now winning by 3)
So I will be coming as Toshiro again, I might do captain or the soccer casual outfit, I'm not too sure yet... :P
Anyone want to add to my poll as to which to bring to this gathering lol, so far casual's winning by 2 votes!
I'll come as casual Toshiro (the soccer episode), yay for sports theme! I'm just starting to finish that outfit for him and the theme is perfect for it~ :3
Hey, right now I'm not positive if I can come to this yet... When I know more I'll say so, but if you guys see me around the con I'll be doing Piko (Magnet for sure, tentative release) and Len (Magnet and release) come say hi~! :D