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I'll be at AX as Yosuke again with my Hiimdaisy sign.  You can count on it that I'll be at the gathering and King's Game!  Just need to find a room first, lol.
Hey all!  I was the Yosuke from Persona 4 carrying around the Hiimdaisy sign that said:

"Yosuke expresses his suprised in the most eloquent way possible....I HAVE TO PEE!"

Did anyone get any shots of me?
I am torn between the Super Sentai gathering and the Pokemon gathering.  I had more fun at the Pokemon one as Blaziken last year, though.  If we all go out for pizza again that will tip it in this gathering's favor. ;P
I'll be showing up as Alvin with a Leia from Tales of Xilla.  Watch out, we got that victory handshake DOWN.
Kell-Chan, are you leading the gathering?
So, I thought I would have Master Yi done, but that is a pipe dream now.  I have Cpt. Teemo for sure, and I am making Olaf for my Fanime 2013 Skit.  I will be wearing one of those to the League gathering.
I'll be bringing Yosuke from P4.
I might be Alvin.
I also live in the Portland area (friends with Nikkiolie).  Hillsboro area here!
I'll have Zyuranger Blue ready with his weapon.
Still plan on making Master Yi for 2013.  He's mah boy!
Did anybody upload pictures of the gathering?
I can't figure out how to send a message to someone before adding them. >.<
Has anyone uploaded any pictures from the gathering?
That was a fun photoshoot. The dinner was enjoyable, too.  Anyone posting pics?
Quote from: G-Force on May 28, 2012, 09:26:57 PM
Thanks for the gathering and letting Uncle yell at all the AP champions

That was comedy gold.  Glad I got some video of that. XD
I'll sent y'all an add request.  Be warned though, I'm known to backdoor as Lux...;p

Summoner Name:  YattaDante

I look forward to playin' with you guys.
Unfortunately I don't know the area very well, but I'm down for anything!