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Man, I gotta be up eeeeaaaarrrrllllyyyy in the morning to watch Shinjuku Incident and Good, Bad, sleep for the otaku I guess.....
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film Room
May 26, 2010, 09:44:18 PM
Next year you guys need to show the Crow Zero movies :(
Welp, that didn't happen. Can we expect it by Monday then?
I hope I'm able to go. I'm more excited for FLOW than for LMC. I just hope that I'm able to get to that concert. I don't know yet about being busy that friday or not. I have to agree though, I think saturday would have been a better day.
I will be there in my Shinigami cosplay. And I will hopefully remember to come to the gathering :)
Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on March 23, 2010, 10:36:57 PM

Hopefully this is will be shown in the Fansub showcasings. It's such an excellent series.

I would also highly recommend:

Michiko to Hatchin and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, as both are probably two of the best series I've seen in the last couple years. Oh, and I can't forget Eden of the East. The Eden of the East movies would be awesome to see too if they're available.
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film Room
March 29, 2010, 08:45:49 PM
I think Crows Zero 1 and 2 would be a great back to back showing. Both are excellent Takashi Miike films, although I'm sure a lot of people have seen them already. Part 2 should be available with subs by now.

Also great:

Azumi 1 at least, maybe 2.
Attack the Gas Station (hilarious Korean film)

All of these are older films, so I don't know what the policy is on that, but the above films are all pretty excellent (except Azumi 2).
And my suggestions for peoples are:

Home Made Kazoku
Ali Project

Now, if only Galneryus were still together.... :-[