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whatever cave shooter you can get your hands on (dodonpachi, espgaluda 1/2, death smiles 1/2, mushihimesama, etc).  the fighting games i want have already been mentioned :)
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film Room
March 19, 2010, 06:44:05 PM
Visage (2009)
Mei Lanfang (2008)

Visage especially.  Every year I make a plea for these kinds of films to be included and they usually aren't, but I'll try again this year.
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film?
May 20, 2009, 04:37:58 PM
awesome, thanks for the recs. i'll be sure to check them out :D
check your messages GokuMew2, i'm interested in a couple of those gurren lagann figumates. :D
Macbook Pro with anime/MST3k episodes on it for late night in room viewing
Audio/Video cables to hook said laptop to room TV
FFXI security token in case I want to go to Vana'diel
PSP/DS and games
Snacks (goldfish crackers, cheez-itz, M&Ms, etc)
Bottle of Stoli
Odwalla Pommegranite Limeaid to mix with said Stoli
Medicinal herbs
no shmups ; ;

there's usually at least 1 good ol' 2d shmup game there, or at least an SNK cabinet with a metal slug.

oh well, the fighting game selection is awesome :)
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film?
May 19, 2009, 02:15:58 AM
yeah less room is no bueno ; ;  but def. glad the room is still around at all as it's one of my favorite things at fanime.

i was hoping to catch the mushishi film as well, but i'm sure there are good reason why it isn't going to be shown this year (right?).

i'll see the L movie for sure since i missed it when it was in theatres.

would anyone know if any of the films being shown are in the vein of an "art-house" release (like a wong kar wai or tsai ming liang film)?  not really a fan of "genre" films (martial arts / slapstick or screwball comedy / romantic comedy / horror etc); looking for something a little more experimental on a formal and/or narrative level.
Big Event Showcase / Re: Music Fest
April 23, 2009, 12:25:32 AM
Jeez, sorry I said anything.  Forgive me for not liking exactly what you like Liquid.  I think I'll go back to lurking, at least that way I don't get mocked for my tastes and accused of not understanding a "concert atmosphere" when I've dropped acid at a Daft Punk show and myself do front of house for several venues in the bay area and DJ/perform music in front of audiences of 500+ people for a living.

Hope you all have a good time at music fest, maybe one year there'll be an act I'm interested in again like Swinging Popsicles a few years back, they were great :D
Big Event Showcase / Re: Music Fest
April 22, 2009, 04:04:33 PM
I'm only 27 >.>
Big Event Showcase / Re: Music Fest
April 22, 2009, 01:47:47 PM
It's cool, I hope everyone has a good time.  Like I said maybe it's a matter of taste.  Just not my cup-o-tea so to speak.  I'm sure there'll be something else going on at the con at the time to entertain me :D
Big Event Showcase / Re: Music Fest
April 22, 2009, 12:18:52 PM
**Sets up a glow stick stand in front of the civic aud.**

Glow sticks being a requisite to enjoying a "performance" huh?  Maybe it's just taste but I'm reminded of when I saw Elliot Smith play with nothing more than a chair and an acoustic guitar, and it was one of the best shows I've ever attended.  Oh well, at least it's a free (with cost of fanime badge) "music" fest.
yeah i had no idea they broke up or reformed, shows how long it's been since i've followed japanese pop music lol
tell them you believe cameras and other imaging systems are means by which people can steal your soul, and that you'd be happy to allow them to take your picture after you've taken their expensive camera to an undisclosed location to perform a plethora of rituals on it without their supervision, some of which may include using the camera as a toilet.

or just say, no, dude; I'm not cosplaying.  don't take my picture, please.
I haven't been really seriously following Japanese popular music for a while now (5+ years?), so my suggestion are not only probably not relevant in terms of current trends (it also is  really close to the event now so how would this matter anyway?).  I will post my sort of "dream" line up:

Yellow Magic Orchestra (I would pay over $100 for this event alone)
Pizzicato 5
The Brilliant Green
The Pillows
Blankey Jet City (might have spelling wrong)
Bump of Chicken
Yokko Kano
Buffalo Daughter

I know a lot of these fall under the "yeah, right." category, but wow fanime would become so damn epic if any one of them would come play it.  As far as past music fests go having Swinging Popsicles was by far my favorite fanime music-fest experience, bar-none.
Video Programming / Re: Live-Action Suggestions
April 07, 2009, 08:27:06 PM
I request the same things every year, but they don't tend to get shown.  Seems people want to see anime/manga adaptations and genre films only ; ;  But I'll request them again this year in the hope they get shown:

Any film by Tsai Ming-Liang (I Don't Want to Sleep Alone, The Wayward Cloud, Goodbye Dragon Inn, etc)

Any film by Wong Kar Wai (There's Only One Sun, 2046, My Blueberry Nights, In the Mood for Love, etc)
One of the best in my 9 years of going to fanime.

Registration on Thursday took like 30 minutes top; got there at 7:00 got badge just before 7:30, talk about awesome.
Video rooms (esp. on sunday) were fantastic: eva rebuild, stranger, dororo.  
Anime hell was a lot of fun (loved the use of "Ninja Master Theme Song" from MST3k).
Artist Ally was huge and full of great artists.  More dojin, original comics and crafts would be preferable to the dirth of print booths, but everything that was there was great.
Arcade was a lot of fun, picture booth and esp.2 took some of my food money ><
General atmosphere of fanime remained intact: enthusiasm, nice folks, great cosplay and a fan focus.

Dealers room was as a lot of people said not great.  Not really the con's fault as the dealer's fault.
Q&A Sessions (H.Kiuchi's excepting, he was great) were the same old questions to Yamaga-san and crew ('what do you think about fansubs,' 'what's the deal with drills,' 'have you ever hired/accepted a story proposal/etc from a foreigner' should just be off limits, esp. the last one, i mean how can you answer that honestly and not sound like some xenophobic dream crusher?)
Only problem I had with the video rooms was some of the volunteers running them had no clue how to run the (actually quite nice) mac minis.  On more then one occasion members of the audience had to intervene and take over playing the videos.  
i should be there around 7 tonight, hopefully it's early enough to get my badge!
I tend to spend a grand total of 700 bucks at fanime:
300 for room
100 for registration (I go with my partner so that's for 2)
300 for anime crap (I usually spend a little under this but 300 is a general rule of thumb, once I spent over because those damn perfect grade Gundam Z model kits are so expensive ><)  I like to get a lot of manga because you can find good deals at the swap meet and sometimes in the dealer room.  I get DVDs and import video games only if the price is nice (the internet and user's side has spoiled us!).  Most of it is spent on toys or little trinkets (cell phone straps, pins etc).

I usually bring food from home which saves a lot of money... although I do tend to eat out at least once at La Vics, and PMH >.>
Quote from: lacus on May 02, 2008, 04:48:02 AM
Final Fantasy XI Clock NIB (Display Vana'Diel Time and Earth Time, Great for FF11 players)

I wants please.