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My name is Sara, 25/f, non smoker, first time to Fanime and California (from Pittsburgh).

I'm flying into California on Saturday and I'm looking for place to stay from Saturday night to Monday. My friend who lives in San Jose ditched me at the last minute and now I have no where to go. My only plans are the Sunday Joe Hisaishi concert at the California Theater.

I don't have a lot in the way of funds but I can work something out money-wise to share a room. I don't care how many people or what the arrangements are, I'll even sleep on the floor.

Any help would be appreciated. Please DM, email at havocplz @ or find me on Twitter/tumblr/ instagram @blackehavoc

No longer needed
My name is Sara and I am looking for a room. I'm 25/F and this is my first year at Fanime. I'm from Pittsburgh (Tekkoshocon) and this is my first time ever traveling to California. My trip was planned months ago but lodging fell through.

I'm flying into Oakland on Saturday and will be staying through Wednesday, but for convention purposes I will just need Sat-Mon. I'm mainly going for the Joe Hisaishi concert on Sunday and was supposed to sight-see with my friend the rest of the time.

I'm super chill, considerate of others, and keep to myself. I don't smoke. Basically just looking for somewhere to sleep. I'll even sleep on the floor. (I've had a room packed with 7 people one year for Otakon so I understand.)

I don't have a lot of money since I was supposed to stay with my friend. I can spend maybe $50. Any help would be appreciated.

You can email me at havocplz @ or find me on Twitter/tumblr/instagram @blackehavoc